How Amir Ghorbani is Revolutionizing the Private Transportation Business Through Technology 

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Amir Ghorbani is the CEO and Co-Founder of Swoop Inc., a global transportation platform company based out of Los Angeles. Amir has grown the company to over $10M/yr and raised over $4M from prominent investors Signia Venture Partners, South Park Commons, and angel investors such as former Kevin Weil, co-creator of Libra at Facebook; Elizabeth Weil, former partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

The tech entrepreneur has been building computers, coding and hacking since middle school, while also being a professional gamer (Counter Strike being his game of choice). Next to his strong interest in tech, Amir has been immensely close to the private transportation industry since he was born – his parents started a limousine business when he was in a crib. After continuously seeing his parents struggle in the transportation industry, he finally made the jump from Deloitte to revolutionize the industry by helping business owners keep up with the times through technology. 

“Why I’m so passionate about this – my parents both immigrated from Iran. I would watch them go into the office at the crack of dawn working 18 hours, dealing with all the stress of running a transportation company and then come home and take care of me and my brother. I made it my mission to help everyone in this industry – because they deserve to have a great business, which starts with better technology. I’m fortunate to have the most amazing and talented team helping Swoop accomplish this mission.” 

Private transportation is a significant blackhole we rarely hear about for innovation, but with their new software (Moovs), exciting technology developments are happening in the industry with a greater impact than most people would have ever expected.

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What is Swoop and Moovs?

Swoop’s vision is to develop the infrastructure powering the $180B global private transportation industry, made up of nearly 2M transportation SMBs. Their cloud-based management software and payments platform, Moovs, helps SMBs simplify the way they run their businesses, attract and engage more customers, increase their revenues and improve what they’re good at – getting anything from A to B.

These SMBs run on legacy software or manual workflows, transact at 4.5% credit card fees and have no digital presence, which led to Swoop building Moovs. Moovs is an all-in-one platform for transportation companies to run and grow their business digitally, while making them more efficient. MoovsLogo

Tell us more about the new Saas Software Moovs that you are building? 

Most operators in this industry still manage their business by pen and paper or software built 20+ years ago. Our SaaS is an all-in-one platform that helps private transportation companies manage and grow their businesses. They are able to receive more bookings online, automate their workflows by tracking drivers, dispatching rides, and automating their customer communication.I personally talk to our customers every single day. It excites me and keeps me motivated that business owners love our software and its helping grow their business. One customer from NYC, Karan, owner of KG Limos, recently reported back to us that he was able to increase his revenue by 102% in just one year since using Moovs. He calls it the best limo software that has ever existed

We’re on a path to empower existing transportation SMBs, and allow anyone to easily start, manage and grow a transportation company. 

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