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If you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook in the past decade, it’s more likely than not that you know the name Alex Morton. He’s a powerhouse entrepreneur & influencer who has been inspiring a generation of creators to believe in themselves and in their dreams. You can find him pumping up a crowd of thousands of people, traveling on private jets, and on ABC teaching people how to maximize their wealth.

Start By Believing in Yourself

Alex notes that the first thing he needed to start maximizing his life was self belief. In college, he began by developing his internal belief systems with realizing that if others were able to do big things, he could as well. Using the power of manifestation, he would tell himself, “I’m so happy and grateful now that ___”, “I’m so happy and grateful now that ____”, repeatedly till he had his brain wired to go after his dreams. Soon enough, Alex changed his life so drastically that he would go on to make his first million by the age of 25. He says, it was all by starting with changing his beliefs first, then the money came.

Level Up Your Actions

One million was nice, but it wasn’t enough. He knew the same mentality and same approach he took to get to one million, can be used to reach another, then another. He said to himself “Now I need to level up my actions,” and he did just that. Today, Alex makes millions every year. He explains that if you want to create more wealth in your life, you have to practice what is called the Law of Compensation. Which basically says that if you increase the value which you provide in the marketplace, the amount of money you receive will increase along with it. He aligned his actions as an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker towards systems and processes that would provide the most value in the marketplace that he could provide. His actions leveled up, and so did his income.

Follow Your Dreams

Oftentimes, people just go along with where life has taken them into their college years and beyond. Alex did something different. He looked around and saw that school doesn’t bring people the level of success he hopes to achieve. He decided that school was not it, it wasn’t going to bring him to where his dreams led him. Alex would begin his entrepreneurial endeavors at that point, linking up with people who were building profit generating assets that allow people to make money without a cap. He followed his dreams during a time where no one else around him was. Now he is able to reap all the benefits.

All in all, you too can become a leader in today’s society. Alex teaches others how they can replicate the actions he has taken to make his dreams come true. But, first things first, is you’ll have to decide to believe in yourself like Alex did. Think back when you had a childlike tendency to think anything was possible, and bring that same belief back into your present day reality. When you make the decisions to follow your dreams and level up your actions, you’ll be on your way towards the hopes you have hidden deep inside.

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