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Aisha Nikole is a world-celebrated accomplished Author, self-taught entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. However, her journey to success, creating a six-figure business, was anything but a cakewalk; she started from the very bottom. She grew up despising her name due to the negative remarks from people and her peers; they claimed it reeked of the ghetto. After learning that “Aisha” is an Arabic name that meant “living prosperous,” she later embraced her name. Today, she is so proud of her name, adorned and complimented when she lived abroad in the middle east. Aisha wanted to represent her name for the culture. One of the most inspiring parts of her story is that she used her name to make her business brand, Aisha Nikole; she clearly made lemonade from lemons on this one.

The primary purpose behind her dedication to inspiring others is not the typical “I only wanted to help others,” it is her brother’s demise, and to be more precise, her brother committed suicide. That is mainly why Aisha does not wish anyone to experience life feeling atrocious and helpless. After becoming a life coach, Aisha began the Powerology Institute, which helped individuals find their power, capability, and purpose. Aisha is also the author of several books regarding self-help and personal empowerment; Powerology is one of the most read.

Besides, Aisha is the leader of a group called Power25, a sisterhood for ladies interested in establishing relationships with other dynamic women. Aisha’s experience with numerous cultures enhances her knowledge and passion as a life therapist. Her living and raising her children in different countries are also among the factors that encourage her love. Despite her immense success, Aisha always looks back to where she began; she feels a part of her victory is indebted to her delightful yet complex upbringing.

Aisha grew up in affection and some trauma. Her parents separated when she was still young, and due to it, she merely had a connection with her father. Aisha and her father rekindled their relationship in her late 20’s. She believes that her upbringing played a huge role in shaping the woman she is currently. She believes everything she experienced had a reason, so she uses it to educate herself and grow.

Interestingly, Aisha also feels that her current success is also indebted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, she had various coaching contracts that permitted her to continue her school systems coaching strategies. When the epidemic broke out, she lost the deals. She had no option but to transform her business techniques. As a result, she developed the Aisha Nikole Luxury Collection with her debut luxury fragrance, Aisha Nikole Eau de Parfum. She already has 50 Cent’s girlfriend and fitness model Cuban Link as a Brand Ambassador and made six -figures in less than six months through e-commerce sales. She also released her third book, Powerology A Self-Teaching Guide on Modern Personal Development.

When queried about what she desires to be famous for, she smiles and says that she wants to be known as the courageous and powerful woman that teaches others how to embrace themselves and live powerfully.

Aisha is a living legend, effortlessly leaving marks for each of us to follow. Inspiring people that their background does not matter. Gently we can shake the world like Aisha Nikole. Aisha Nikole has shown us that lighting each others’ candle does not dim ours.


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