How 2 Romanian Entrepreneurs – Alexandru Iulian Florea and Robert Preoteasa – Are Changing The Way We Travel

The travel space has changed over the last years, maybe more than ever, as people rely more and more on social media and are more confident that nowadays it’s so easy to book a flight, rent an apartment, or simply find a great restaurant at your destination.

But with so many wonderful photos and videos that enter our social media feeds, how do we make the best choice? And probably, the most important question: How do we get there?

In this ever-changing context, a Romanian travel startup established in 2019 by two Romanian entrepreneurs – Alexandru Iulian Florea and Robert Preoteasa – managed to raise $1 million in a seed investment round to launch Framey, an innovative social travel app that changes the way we travel and refer to our experiences.

This Romanian travel startup attracted some impressive financial resources in Dubai by convincing two major investment players – ICE Capital and JECO Capital – that the team behind Framey has the internal capacity to create and launch a mobile travel app that can bring a unique approach to social media and travel industry.

Let’s find out more details about Framey so that we can have a glimpse of what makes this travel app special and why its development should be followed in the following years.

What is Framey

In just a few words, Framey is a mobile travel app that works to support people who want to share wonderful photos and experiences with other travelers.

But our definition is not complete and we risk missing the major importance of inspiring others to reach a particular destination, visit an unknown corner of the world, interact with people from faraway places in a meaningful way, or engage in a private experience with local people.

Framey is all that and more as this social travel app is focusing for the foreseeable future to offer an inclusive travel experience for users working to create a visual map for those who want to visit a particular destination by providing easy access to a set of local attractions.

A different travel perspective with Framey

Framey brings a different travel perspective from other mobile apps as it has been designed from the start to allow people to discover popular or less popular places in a novel fashion offering the possibility to establish a travel plan in just a few clicks.

Since Framey focuses so much on the power of community, users have the option to post their wonderful photos while providing a more thorough explanation of that area for people who want more details.

We have to remember that people who wish to access new destinations are not so inclined anymore to read long travel guides and they would rather enjoy a more direct approach to letting them find great travel experiences in the area of interest.

And when we talk about great travel experiences, we can imagine not only the Eiffel Tower (if we consider the city of Paris), but we can easily dream about the hidden gems from the City of Lights that can only be revealed by local people.

So, though the team behind Framey worked hard to set up a smart travel app that offers additional details and information to users who want to enjoy a certain destination, at the end of the day the focus has always been on the power of community and the organic growth that takes time.

Two Romanian entrepreneurs – Alexandru Iulian Florea and Robert Preoteasa – change the way we travel

Framey is represented in the market by Alexandru Iulian Florea and Robert Preoteasa, but behind them, there is an entire team of people who work every day to find new methods of improving Framey and offering users new means to access tourist destinations and build everlasting memories.

Framey changes the way we relate to travel as the travel industry demands are not the same and our desires to visit distant places take place first in a more intimate environment – our own social media accounts – where we are mesmerized by amazing photos and our mind starts drawing a plan for reaching that destination.

For this reason, the development of Framey slowly moved into responding to this growing need for more direct contact between the traveler and the places that attract him or her.

Due to this element of interactivity, users have the opportunity to contribute to the list of attractions that can be reached on the ground, and they can equally act as ambassadors, content creators, or simple users who post online for the pleasure of their followers.

Furthermore, we need to emphasize the importance of smart travel as the local points of interest that revolve around truly valuable attractions that contain historical or cultural values can enrich our journeys.

Is it important to climb the Eiffel Tower and take a selfie from the top? It sure is. But is it maybe more important to have a better idea of what should be seen inside the Louvre museum since there are so many wonderful pieces of art? For lovers of art and history, this second part may be more relevant and we need a solid plan before we access a museum renowned for its never-ending art collections.

Our example may be restrained to culture, but we can easily apply it to a tourist who wants to visit the streets of Bucharest and wishes to find the unknown corners of the city.

From this point of view, the local guides have a major relevance and Framey has focused from the start on building a community of travelers that can assist both visiting tourists and locals alike who simply want to discover new attractions in their own towns.

From experienced travelers to people who visit new places on a less regular basis, Framey remains a social travel app that is designed to inspire people and encourage them to travel more and share their experiences with others.

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