Hottest Artists to Watch in 2023

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As we approach the 4th quarter, artists are going extra hard with new singles, albums, and EP’s. Presented below in alphabetical order are rising artists to recognize in 2023. We’ve highlighted the hottest artists to watch this year, along with their new releases. Check out these artists below and make sure you add their new music to your playlists.


Amidst the world’s ever-changing landscape, musician Adom has found solace and healing through his music. As a rising star, he aims to break the stigma around mental health by openly discussing his struggles. Adom’s soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics serve as therapy for himself and his listeners, offering comfort during challenging times. His single “Don’t Give Up” recently hit at #11 on the top 100 iTunes pop charts. Don’t miss out on the musical journey that Adom has in store for his audience – it’s bound to be extraordinary. I IG: @AdomCloud


Hailing from Toronto, AfterTheWave has once again delivered beyond expectations. His new release “Heartless” showcases his effortless musical talent, while also resonating deeply with hip hop/R&B music enthusiasts. The trendy track highlights his effortless flow and musical talent. Look out for his new EP “Dialed In” dropping soon! I IG:@afterthewave_

Amiri Jaccson

Trailblazing talent arriving from the Big Apple is none other than Amiri Jaccson. The talented artist just released his first mixtape “Project Prince” which includes 13 sizzling singles. He’s also set to release his first album. Amiri is eager for fans to tap into his artistry and to continue with him throughout his trailblazing journey. He’s an artist to watch in 2023. I IG: @amirijaccson


Charmz is a rising artist based in Queens, NY who just dropped a hot new single titled “Truth Be Bold” ft. Jadakiss. Check out his new hit single along with his latest project “It’s Just The Beginning” out now. Charmz’ influences include Nas, Rakim, Mobb Deep, and 50 cent just to name a few. The talented artist has been writing and recording for the past 8 years. He believes that “music is all about taking it to another level of talent and artistry”. I IG: @Charmzoreilly


Brooklyn-bred rhymer DeParris729 is returning in 2023 with new music! The rising artist recently stepped into the spotlight to pursue his musical passion professionally. Check out his new hit single “Games” out now and follow him on IG for his latest release. I IG: @de_parris729


Netflix & Chill gets an unannounced update. Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur DL’s latest music video and single ‘D.A.F,’ is set to replace the internet’s favorite sensual slogan. Over a lush instrumental that is laced with ambient keys, smooth chords, heavy bass and reversed guitars DL brings the signature smooth Queens flavor. The Crushboys add to ‘D.A.F.’ with a fitting feature to mellow out this already arousing party anthem. I IG: @RealOneDL


The latest release from Flipstyle, Who Is Mr. Shimley?, is front to back fire – including the hit single and official video: Modern Entertainment, Pt. 1 ft. Melissa. This track is in a genre of its own and is sure to uplift all cultures, no matter what music they listen to. The album is a musical masterpiece with lyrics that leave you wanting more. I IG:@FlipStyleMusic

Joe Eid

Delivering hits from Dayton, Ohio is Joe Eid. His musical style can be considered diverse, one-of-a-kind, and adaptable to a wide range of audiences. When it comes to creating hits, he’s the jack of all trades. This is because he’s versatile and can hop on any track and make it a hit! Look out for his new album “Internal Barricade” set to arrive in 2023. I IG: @joe_eid


Smif-N-Wessun, Rockness Monsta, and Ruste Juxx of Boot Camp Clik team up with Omen44 for his new single “The Package.” The Kobe, Japan now Jersey City, NJ Hip Hop artist is no amateur when it comes to rhymes or earned respect. Over a classic New York head-nodding flow, Omen44 delivers conscious, yet in-your-face bars. I IG: @omenfourfour

Papá Nyne

Born in the heart of the hip hop capital of the world Atlanta, GA. Living off of bouldercrest Papá Nyne was influenced by southern music since an adolescent. Not only the musical influence of the south, but also the southern culture of Atlanta can be heard in Papá’s music. Papá Nyne continues to impress in his latest offering “They Rather”. I IG: @papanyne

Peter $un

Rapper, producer, and vocalist Peter $un returns with his first project in a year on Red Bull Records/Mind of a Genius. His new EP “3Piece” spans three tracks for every mood this summer, packed with bouncy flows and addictive basslines. Virginia-born and California-based, he effortlessly blends the best of Richmond’s beat scene with the brighter tones of Los Angeles hip-hop, flexing his range of influences that have cemented him as a crossover tastemaker. Sunny’s soulful roots and love for jazz are evident in the attention to instrumentalism and melody across his tracks. He is definitely an artist to watch in 2023! I IG: @scummysunny

Ra Tha God

Ra Tha God’s new single, “Hold On,” ft. Alonda Rich just dropped and it’s a hit! Brace yourselves for a heartfelt journey through the trials and triumphs of love. In this captivating track, we delve into the lives of two couples who’ve experienced their fair share of relationship turmoil. They’ve been hurt, bruised, and scarred in the past, but they refuse to let those haunting memories ruin their chance at love again. I IG: @ra.tha.god.official

Sean Barrelz

Sean Barrelz is a New York based hip hop artist who just released 2 new hit singles titled “A Reason” and “Know What It Is”. His latest release, “A Reason”, features Bronx hip hop legend Fat Joe. Sean’s music primarily revolves around his life’s experiences, journey, and the environment he lived in growing up in New York City. I IG: @HLNIC

Terrell Fure’

New York based artist Terrell Fure’ returns with a hot new single titled “When We Party”. This hard hitting  joint is sure to catch your attention with a catchy hook and instrumental highlighted by Terrell Fure’s smooth flow and bars. Check it out now! I IG: @TerrellFure


Rising artist Tk6yf just dropped a hot new single titled “Champion”. The talented artist continues to impress with his new music and we expect big things from him in 2023! I IG: @Tk6yf15

Ty Leray 

Catching a vibe is none other than Connecticut’s very own Ty Leray. The rising melodic rhymer recently released his debut album “Hometown Pain”. His debut drop is made up of 15 relatable records laced with lyricism that moves the masses. Check it out now! I IG: @ty_leray

TV ShoweZ

Coming to you as the latest trending topic is trailblazing talent, TV ShoweZ. Recently, the striving star returned with his most recent release, “Bella Had!d”. His distinct voice separates him from everyone else. That, along with his ability to adapt to any beat or vibe, is a magnificent mix that, when all is said and done, will prove to be legendary. I IG: @tv.showez

Yung Dub D

Yung Dub D just dropped a hot new cypher titled “Bar 4 Bar” ft. Lil Ron Da Don, Blastmen B, and KBzo. Yung Dub D is an independent artist and producer from Dallas, Texas. He has produced for many artists inside and outside his home state, carving out his own sound in the process and helping bolster the careers of many Texas artists. I IG: @officialyungdubd

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