HomeBuddy Is Redefining Home Improvement Across the USA

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Who doesn’t want an Instagram-worthy home they are proud of? Your home is a personal space that not only offers a roof over your head but also impacts your mental and emotional well-being. That’s why people love to decorate their homes and even elevate the design to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Hiring an interior designer and architect might create a big hole in the pocket, and the results often differ from expectations. This is where home improvement services are coming up as the best options where people can choose the design and layout they want and turn it into reality through a skilled contractor.HomeBuddy.com is a platform where homeowners can find the best contractors who deliver the highest quality of work at a fair price to improve their homes.

HomeBuddy is an emerging name in the home improvement space that is already beating top brands like HomeAdvisor, Angie, and Modernize. In the last 4 months, the company has successfully connected many consumers with amazing contractors

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resulting in more than 13K projects with contractors, and the number is growing each month. HomeBuddy connects homeowners to reliable, licensed contractors across the USA. Clients can request a project estimate, and HomeBuddy’s algorithm will pair them with a contractor that has availability and fits their needs. HomeBuddy’s team has vetted all contractors on the platform.

With a mission to make home improvement a better experience for both homeowners and contractors,HomeBuddy has successfully addressed pre-existing pain points in the industry. Unlike other platforms, many of whom rely on third-party affiliates to get leads for contractors, HomeBuddy is creating a trusted platform with its own advertising agency that sends the right message to clients and contractors. Affiliates are always after their profit margin, so they provide insanely affordable quotes to contractors that fail to match the contractor’s original quote. This leads to disputes and dissatisfaction where both contractors and consumers end up disappointed.

The next big drawback is the price race to the bottom. Other platforms connect one client to multiple contractors, and each of them competes on the lowest price to get the deal. This eventually compromises the quality of work and sometimes leaves the client in a messy situation, further scaling up the cost beyond the quoted price. The home improvement industry is also full of scammers and schemers who might run away with the money, never to be found again. These contractors might also provide poor-quality materials and fittings to keep a larger profit margin while the client suffers in the long run.

With HomeBuddy, clients can be assured that only verified and licensed contractors will handle a project and deliver results that meet or exceed their expectations. Contractors are also happy working with HomeBuddy as they don’t have to pull their quotes down to the bottom just to secure a deal and then figure out ways to recover the cost by sacrificing the quality of work. HomeBuddy may not connect you to the cheapest possible contractor but rather to the one who will provide the best experience at a fair price.

As a new entry in the home improvement space, HomeBuddy is already cutting the client lists of well-known brands in this industry shorter. Currently, the platform covers 6 home improvement verticals in selected regions in the U.S. Now HomeBuddy wants to expand up to 15 verticals and cover most of the U.S. to provide everyone with a friendly and trusted platform to seek help for their home improvement needs.

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