Home-based business mogul Lorenzo Green’s secrets for success

Lorenzo Green, more commonly known as Loz, is living proof that you don’t need to sit

in an office all day long to be successful. As a self-made millionaire and founder of

several successful businesses, he continues to prove that theory wrong.

His journey to success started at a young age. He used his early years to leverage his

skillset and continue learning new things in the digital space. At 16, he was already a

freelance graphic designer. By 17, he was buying and selling domains.

Green’s drive to learn everything about online businesses led him to leave the comfort

of his home country, New Zealand, and attend a domain name conference in America.

He found his true calling in Google Adwords. Because of this, at the ripe age of 19, he

was already making a 5 figure income building music and gaming forums. When he

realized that the digital industry could provide him with limitless opportunities, his

passion grew stronger.

The fire that drives Loz Green is not only his ambition, but also the hardship he endured

at an early age. At 20 years old, he discovered that his business partner had taken all of

the money invested by him and his family. This became the driving force behind his

success. It forced him to reassess his goals and find new ways to achieve them. Rather

than giving up, he took this negative experience and used it as motivation to keep

pushing forward.

Today, Green is a self-made entrepreneur who has been recognized for his work in

digital marketing. He founded and bootstrapped 7 multi-million-dollar businesses in

various industries. Now, he hosts the largest conferences in the world, gathering over

150,000 attendees every year.

Even with all this success under his belt it seems like nothing can stop him from

continuing taking on new challenges. The pandemic that hit the conference circuit left a

lot of cancellations. But despite this, Green took it upon himself to ensure they would

continue moving forward by pivoting into virtual events. The decision paid off; Ad World

and Ecom World became some of the largest and most successful virtual conferences

in the world.

It’s easy to see why he would be successful in marketing because he has a natural gift

for it. His passion and drive are unmatched, which is what makes him such an incredible

force on the internet today as one of its most prominent entrepreneurs.

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