Holistic Cancer Treatment Sponsorship for 30 First Responders/VA per month  

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Dr. Venter catalyzed Well-Being Reality’s holistic healing methodologies when he researched and developed an approach that treated his father’s stage 4 cancer successfully.

“At a time of adversity, one manages to find a solution beyond expectations,” holds Dr. Venter, “The technology is called Bio-Resonance Focused Ultrasound. The machine is an ultrasound (non-audible sound) that we hope will help us change the world’s dependence on drugs,” claims Dr. Raymond Venter, “with it, we have already treated over 3500 people.” Dr. Raymond Venter is now working to sponsor the treatment for first responders/VA’s that are at their wits end with cancer.

Who is Dr. Raymond Venter?

From South Africa, Dr. Raymond Venter holds two Ph.D’s, with a doctorate, and is board-certified at the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. His Ph.D’s are in non-drug, natural health. He also has an MBA to help with the business matters one faces when in the market. Dr. Raymond Venter stands for drug-free healing and against damaging the cells, organs, and other functions in the name of treatment.

He opened Well-Being Reality, which previously worked out of Dubai and South Africa. The company has expanded to the United States and bringing its in-house designed methodologies for targeting terminal illnesses. Through the company, Dr. Venter hopes to develop more drug-free healing protocols and equipment to enhance the abilities of holistic healing within the US.

The Sponsorship

Dr. Raymond Venter, through Well-Being Reality, is sponsoring thirty cancer patients per month for holistic treatment via the non-profit ‘Bio-Resonance Focused Ultrasound Research Center’. This sponsorship program will include a body scan to screen for the reasons cancer has manifested and thereby help determining the root cause for their cancer treatment strategy to be successful, dietary and nutritional guidance, a personalized treatment program with the use of Bio-Resonance Focused Ultrasound equipment, and consultations with Dr. Raymond Venter.

“We are offering this sponsorship to first responders and VA who have found themselves with this detrimental condition,” says Dr. Raymond. “This is largely for those who do not wish for conventional medicine or treatments, which often include radiation and/or chemo,” holds Dr. Venter.

The doctor maintains that the Well-being Reality takes a natural approach that he wishes to offer those who have been told by their Dr: “there is nothing else we can do” and who need hope that they can overcome the malady. “If we manage to save one life,” says Dr. Raymond, “it was worthwhile.”

For those interested to apply for this sponsorship can visit BRFUSresearchCenter.com

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