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Holiday Twist is a tender and thought-provoking holiday family film set for production in the late Spring, early summer of 2021.

Holiday Twist was written and will be directed by Stephanie Garvin, who has had recent success as a co-executive producer on Oscar-nominated film The Trial of the Chicago 7. This will be Stephanie’s first role as director, having had experience in front of and behind the camera she brings a wealth of experience to the film.

Mark Lester, a Cleveland native known for directing Commando and Firestarter, has joined Holiday Twist as a producer which will be filmed between Los Angeles and Cleveland, Ohio. Mark has produced over 40 movies and directed 33.

Holiday Twist has undertones of forgiveness, resilience, transformation and overcoming adversity.  Stephanie says, “Our lead character is an egotistical hot mess who learns selflessness through intertwining her chaotic life with 2 whacky burglars and very persistent, charming angels.  She and her children find themselves on a magical journey to save Christmas in a community that was ravished by fire.”

‘The comical yet dramatic story of pivoting your life to gain new perspectives’, Stephanie says, ‘Is monumental given the year we have all just encountered, I believe this story will resonate with a wider audience than we originally anticipated’.

‘Having spent a lot of time in Ohio and also residing there, I thought it was the perfect location for this film because of its’ authentic mid-western family values and lifestyle. ’, ‘I now also call LA home too,  but Ohio has something special to offer given the heart and soul of this film’.

Producer, Mark Lester says; ‘I’m looking forward to working on a project involving my hometown of Cleveland.  I have many great memories from growing up there as a child’.

‘Holiday Twist is a precious family inspirational movie great for all ages.  I can see this being a movie you can watch over and over throughout the years’.

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