Bitcoin Meester, the biggest Dutch crypto trading platform, recently partnered up with HC

Bloemendaal, making it the first field hockey club to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

The partnership signifies a broader move in sports, as sports clubs discover that their fans

are interested in cryptocurrencies.

With HC Bloemendaal as a first mover in field hockey, the rest of the sport is expected to

follow soon. Over the past months, several soccer clubs have already stepped into the

world of blockchain, NFT’s, and cryptocurrencies, and field hockey is now expected to follow

along with other popular sports.

Bitcoin Meester itself is a European cryptocurrency trading company located in Greater Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Bitcoin Meester is an interesting partner for HC Bloemendaal as it focuses on the commercial opportunities that adopting cryptocurrency provides and the social responsibility of explaining these new currencies to interested consumers.

This European stakeholder approach is the main reason why Bitcoin Meester is the best

partner, according to Pepijn Post, Chief Commercial Officer of HC Bloemendaal. Post

explains: “Through HC Bloemendaal Bitcoin Meester can explain what crypto trading

entails and what things to take into account. We are proud to partner with Bitcoin


With sports fans rapidly adopting cryptocurrencies, it seems a matter of time before their

clubs will follow. It will thus be an interesting market to follow. Especially because NFTs

and cryptocurrencies could provide a new revenue stream for sports clubs with their fan

bases rapidly adopting these new technologies.

LA Weekly