Hit The Courts of Los Angeles with Kacper Owsian and The Team Behind Sunset Tennis Club

31520509 51BE 40C4 9973 80A71BF9B36CImagine stepping onto a sea of green, the sun shining high above, and only one thing on your mind for the next hour- tennis. That is precisely how Kacper Owsian and the team behind Sunset Tennis want you to feel every time you get onto the court for a lesson or friendly game with a professional opponent. With the sport of tennis growing quickly in the US, Kacper and his team always go by the saying – it’s never too late to start. The benefits of the sport are endless, and according to Owsian, tennis will “Improve your health, mind and overall wellbeing. You will meet new friends, build lifelong friendships, burn calories, decrease stress levels, increase dopamine levels, and more just from having fun on the court.”

Originally hailing from Poland, Owsian has come a long way from winning medals in every age group back in Europe to uprooting his life and deciding to start a tennis academy in Los Angeles. He wanted to build a community and promote well-being through the sport of tennis in his new surroundings. He knew how to help people feel better and achieve their goals on the court. Through his passion, he attracted a team of professionals that shared the same values.

Sunset Tennis Club provides beautiful, private courts in the heart of Beverly Hills. The locations create an intimate, unique experience for all those taking lessons. This is one of the many reasons why Owsian and his team have gained a high level of clients in the entertainment industry.

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Kacper Owsian’s success and the success of his academy, Sunset Tennis Club, were the products of years of dedicated work. Having been born in a family that already ran a tennis club and picking up the racket by the age of four, Owsian knows all about staying motivated and persistent in reaching goals. The drive that was ingrained in him at such a young age, helped him power through some tough early days he was experiencing when first moving to the US.

Being a professional tennis player with experience in coaching is one thing, but setting up and growing a tennis academy in a new country is completely different. The days were long and challenging at first for Kacper and his wife Anna, trying to adjust to a new language and a different culture. “We were able to manage through the hardships and find the inner drive to keep moving forward.” Their support for each other was invaluable. Years later, the result for both of them is undeniable. Anna, who also loves helping people achieve their mental and physical goals, owns a private Yoga Studio in LA. Together, they have positively influenced the overall well-being of Los Angeles.

Kacper Owsian and his team are incredibly proud of their contributions to the tennis community and continually work towards their next set of goals in growing the academy. Sunset Tennis Club genuinely cares about their clients and loves getting them more inspired with every lesson, which makes them unique in the world of sports. Outside of court time, Kacper has received opportunities to collaborate with sporting companies. He’s even gotten serious about content creation, to help people improve on and off the court. He has partnered with some of the biggest tennis brands, which led him to land one of the largest followed tennis accounts on Instagram. His dreams don’t end there either, as he wants to expand his academy to more places and encourage as many people as possible to get on that sea of green, while forgetting about everything else that’s happening and just take it one shot at a time. As he puts it, “Tennis is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle.”

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