By Marc Cooper

It was far too beautiful a day in Southern California to have spent much time following the West Virginia primary. Taking a late afternoon bike ride is when I finally tuned into the results — just in time to hear Hillary's victory crow.

What a humdinger! She more or less lifted Jesse Jackson's who-cleans-the-bedpans speech from twenty years ago. Or was it more like Warren Beatty's great scene in Reds when, in character as John Reed, he excitedly vows to a crowd of ruddy-cheeked Russian toilers that American workers are now joining him in world revolution! All hail Comrade Clinton who fights against all odds and all enemies to defend the orderlies, the bus drivers, the waitresses, the coal miners and, presumably, the Kronstadt sailors!

OK, just one more moment of American political pathology, I suppose. But essentially harmless…and pointless. I listened for a solid hour to CNN and NPR and MSNBC and XM Potus '08 during which a whole lot of supposed adults tried their best to pretend that there was still some suspense left in this race.

There is none. And we all know it. And even I, at this point, am getting kinda tired of writing it. Maybe I should just set up a MS Word macro that automatically types out the boilerplate graph explaining why this is all one prolonged fantasy.

Natch, the only real question is the one we've been gnawing on now day after day. What does Hillary really think she's doing? Does she have some grand strategy none of us are smart enough to decipher? Or is she just bonkers?

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