This is sponsored content provided by the High Times: DOPE Cup — High Desert 2019.

Later this month, High Times and DOPE Magazine are doing something that may just become one of the greatest cannabis events of the century. With DOPE Magazine joining the High Times family back in September, the publications have combined their two iconic cannabis trade shows into one major event. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the High Times: DOPE Cup — High Desert 2019. What is it? It’s a combination trade show/cannabis competition/music festival with some major artists and a lot of weed. Still not sold? Here are seven reasons why this event is one you should not miss.

1. The Originality
This event combines two of the biggest cannabis trade shows into one massive monster of its own. It’s taking the 30-year legacy and prestige of a High Times Cannabis Cup and the unique design and flair of a DOPE Cup and molding it all into something that is totally independent of either. Even if you’ve been to one or the other, or even both, you should expect something that you’ve never experienced before.

2. The Price (free!)
In true DOPE Cup tradition, attending the High Times DOPE Cup is totally free. Check out all the events and performances of the weekend without having to spend a dime to get in, and save your money for some of the awesome products you may come across in the trade show. Looking to jump up past general admission? The event is selling a limited number of VIP tickets, which will get you some swag and some more exclusive access while you’re there.

Credit: Courtesy High Times: DOPE Cup – High Desert 2019

Credit: Courtesy High Times: DOPE Cup – High Desert 2019

3. The Lineup
The High Times DOPE Cup is bringing with it some of the top names in weed-friendly music, with artists including Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, Pell, Trill Sammy, Mike G (Odd Future), Brandon Gomes, Outlaw the Artist, Most High, Lill Twinn x Mizzy Coke and 1K Watts filling out the lineup. Combine all that, plus Adam Ill serving as the event’s highest of hosts, and a reminder that this entire thing is free to attend, and you’ve got yourself one damn good show.

4. The Product
With literally tons of vendors bringing with them some of the greatest and newest cannabis products on the market, get ready to find your new favorite strain, edible or who-knows-what within the grounds of the trade show. Flower, vape, edible, topical, infusion — you may discover things you never even thought possible among the booths.

5. The Proximity
There’s no need to drive all the way to the Coachella Valley for this festival. Angelenos, the High Times DOPE Cup is taking place right in our backyard, just a bit east in Adelanto. Of course, we still recommend you find yourself a hotel for the weekend, so that you can fully enjoy every moment of the Cup without having to worry about driving home.

Credit: Courtesy High Times: DOPE Cup – High Desert 2019

Credit: Courtesy High Times: DOPE Cup – High Desert 2019

6. The Competition
You can’t forget about the main event of the weekend: the Cup itself! With 35 categories in the competition, come see what the experts think is the best of the best of this year. Looking to join the competition yourself? You can still send in your information on the High Times website to get in on the fun.

7. The Fun
Let’s face it, when you add all of these things together, there’s no way this event won’t be one of the most fun weekends you’ve ever had. The music, the weed, the people, the culture: This is not something any weed consumer in L.A. should miss out on.

The High Times Dope Cup — High Desert 2019 takes place in Adelanto on March 23-24. Reserve your free ticket today at

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