Here’s why you need to know about Omid Kazravan, a true source of motivation for all

In today’s day and age with almost everyone competing in a rat race to reach the top, many do not pause to understand the consequences of their actions. Yet Omid Kazravan remains one of the most influential as well as genuinely talented youngsters who are making a mark across the globe. At only 26 years of age, Omid Kazravan is first and foremost an international motivational speaker while also being a bestselling author and top sales coach.

Childhood and early life:

Before we delve deeper into his secrets to success it is important to visualize the way his life panned out over the ages. When he was just 12 years old, Omid Kazravan was struck with a dilemma regarding how and why people made the decisions they did. To look for an answer Omid Kazravan sought out advice from leading self-educators such as Les Brown and Tony Robbins to name just a few. Once of age, Omid Kazravan chose to get employment working as a national sales trainer for his idol Tony Robbins yet was faced with rejection time and again. To keep up the true spirit of a salesman Omid Kazravan decided to prove his skills and also gain experience by working at a car dealership. Throughout the next couple of months, Omid Kazravan became a force to be reckoned with, with his best month ending in 64 cars sold. His immense success encouraged him to pen down his journey in the form of an international bestseller “Always Be Closing”. At this time Omid Kazravan was still just under 20 which made his achievement even more remarkable.

The beginning of a new era:

What is even more astonishing is that all the while Omid Kazravan was also brushing up on his skills as a speaker and presenter. With the launch of his book, Omid Kazravan further found acknowledgment in the community and would travel to several cities and states, sometimes in a single day, to present his thoughts and motivate real estate agents and other salesmen all over the US. Bit by bit Omid Kazravan found global recognition in all three facets of his life and finally secured his dream of working alongside Tony Robbins. Some of his busiest days would be one where he had delivered more than 24 speeches on the behalf of his lifetime mentor.

Where there is a will, there is a way:

So, what is it that pushed Omid Kazravan to go above and beyond what is expected from an average person? It was all because of a desire to make and influence and leave a positive impression on the life of each and every person he encounters. To achieve this goal Omid Kazravan has taken on a humble and optimistic approach to life. “Never give up and always be a student to the game”, he adds. At present Omid, Kazravan works on his startup and is also looking to raise global minimum wage standards through his blockchain gaming guild.

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