Here’s Why Women Flock to Nicole Fenech for Professional Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing is becoming increasingly popular as more women want to start their days with well-defined eyebrows, full lips, and dazzling eyes with little effort. Subsequently, there has been an impressive rise in the popularity of these cosmetic tattoos, with permanent eyeliner, microblading, and lip blush being some of the most sought-after procedures. However, before jumping into this surging trend, there is a lot to consider and understand. The good news is that there are top-notch professionals and industry experts, such as Nicole Fenech, who you can learn from and quench your curiosity.

Nicole is an experienced professional lash and cosmetic tattoo artist. She is the founder and owner of Venus Artistry Brows and Lash Studio, a leading cosmetic tattoo brand. With over 25 years of industry experience, Venus Artistry Brows and Lash Studio offers numerous services, including eyelash extensions, microblading, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, brow waxing, teeth whitening, carbon facials, fat cavitation, and more.

Nicole has established an unrivaled brand presence throughout her career, and her studio has become known for its professional and friendly environment. She attended Nature Care College with a specialty in kinesiology, holistic counseling, and energetic and spiritual healing, giving her the tenderness and compassion needed to nurture her clients.

Nicole’s perfectionist nature places her as a go-to cosmetic artist for all your cosmetic tattooing, lip blush, eyebrows, plus nipple tattooing for post-breast cancer survivors. “My eyelash artistry is beautiful. I am particular when doing lashes. I am an artist and a perfectionist with every treatment I do,” she says.

Today, Nicole has expanded her client base, becoming Australia’s number-one cosmetic tattoo artist and eyelash specialist. Nicole’s work as an accomplished artist is admired and valued by all, helping her establish a global clientele. She has even been approached with offers to work for various television series by preparing actors for upcoming seasons.

Nicole excels in many areas, and she runs a successful business. Together with her husband, they run a thriving e-commerce firm, where they white-label their own products and sell them on Amazon.

Aside from her career as a cosmetic tattoo and professional lash artist, Nicole also lives a healthy lifestyle. She never misses the chance to hit the gym or engage in outdoor activities like jogging and mountain biking.

Becoming a cosmetic tattoo artist was always Nicole’s dream, and she is currently living it. Her story can inspire others as she wants to encourage women, especially, to face their fears and chase their dreams. Make the inquiry and call to find out how to get the ball rolling. Your path will unfold when you take that first step. Believe in yourself and that everyone counts, no matter who you are or where you are in life. “I want my audience to understand we have all had bad stuff happen, all of us, but it’s our attitude and how we deal with it that makes the difference,” Nicole adds.

Nicole plans to continue helping people build their confidence through cosmetic tattooing. She also wants to teach and empower more women and the younger generation, helping like-minded, passionate people like herself.

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