Delta 8 THC is a milder version of the Delta 9 THC. It is a cannabinoid, a compound derived from cannabis. Many older Americans have reportedly switched to products containing the former. Why do  older individuals prefer it over regular THC products, and is Delta THC safe? Let’s find out!

Cannabis Use in Older Americans

According to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the use of cannabis has been increasing amongst the older American population aged 65 and above. In addition to this, the use of marijuana amongst the stated population increased from 2.4% to 4.2% from 2015 to 2018.

The change in the use of marijuana can be linked to the changing perception of the drug and laws that have legalized some forms of cannabis. However, many older Americans have found it to be helpful in dealing with health issues.

Some of the Delta 8 THC’s benefits include alleviation of medical conditions like:

Chronic Pain: Of all the chronic pain sufferers in the USA, 61% are senior citizens. Many of them have been using either THC or CBD or a combination of the two to overcome the problem. The compounds of cannabis are also found in medicines for chronic pain relief.

Insomnia: Insomnia is a common problem amongst older people. With CBD, sleep disorders like insomnia can be minimized. Most cannabis users reported their sleep cycle had improved after the first dose and did not need repetitive uses of cannabis or its compounds.

Anxiety Disorder: Because CBD affects the serotonin levels in our body, it can be linked to treatments for anxiety disorders. Although no scientific proof is available, many claim that CBD improved their confidence levels and socializing skills.

Introduction of Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC or Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (scientific name) is a diluted, subtler version of the Delta 9 THC. It contains smaller portions of the psychoactive ingredients found in the Delta 9 THC. The compound is extracted through organic synthesis.

It will give you a milder high with much better productiveness and energy. Unlike regular cannabis products, the Delta 8 THC will not make you lazy. While it has some benefits of Delta 9 THC, with Delta 8, you will not waste hours and hours sitting on the couch.

Why is it growing in popularity?

With the 2018 Farm Bill, only THC products containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are legal. However, no information has been provided regarding Delta 8 THC as of yet. Since it is considered a federally legal byproduct of cannabis, more and more people are switching to it.

In addition to this, the Delta 8 products are also easily available online with shipping across states. However, it is pertinent to mention that the said compound is illegal in some states, including Delaware, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Use of Delta 8 THC amongst Older Americans

Some factors mentioned earlier, such as online availability and the changing stigma, have increased the population of older Americans who use Delta 8 THC. However, there are many other reasons for this switch.

Depending on your tolerance level and experience with cannabis, the Delta 8 THC is extremely mellow. The older generation now prefers the byproduct because it makes them energetic and productive. In addition to this, there’s no specific law against Delta 8, which makes it easily available in most states.

The effects of this form of THC also don’t last too long as it is a highly potent version of cannabis. Users don’t feel the need to sleep to get the THC out of their system. The duration of the high is also affected by the method of intake. For example, if you use a vape, the effects might not last too long compared to edibles.

The Delta 8 THC has also proven to improve moods and fight depression amongst the older population. The added benefit is that they don’t have to wait in long lines at the dispensary with the online options available.

According to Madzaps, online search engines showed that the searches for Delta 8 THC went up by 20,000% in just six months. However, most of the population searching for Delta 8 products is above 55, who don’t want to travel to purchase their products.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe for the Older Folks?

Like any other product that contains THC, you need to be mindful of your tolerance level and experience. While Delta 8 THC has never resulted in a death, you still want to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of getting too high.

We recommend buying your products from a reliable and trusted source. In addition to this, while the Delta 8 improves focus and productivity, we would advise you don’t operate heavy machinery or drive after using Delta 8 THC.

To avoid getting panic attacks or anxiety, start slow and be patient with it. Don’t use THC if you’re on any other medication without consulting your doctor first. It would be best if you also remembered that not all experiences with the drug are similar- so don’t switch based on reviews only- do your research as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, we are enjoying some of the benefits of Delta 9 with the Delta 8 THC, but with a mellow high. There are many options available, including vapes and edibles, so that you can have your pick based on your personal preferences.

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