Here’s How Uniqly’s Social Mining Club Will Help Active Members To Win $UNIQ tokens

Uniqly is an innovative company that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and digital industries. Uniqly’s fully functional, circular ecosystem aims to take this vital step toward a more open and decentralised market by providing NFT tokens real-world value by converting them into physical objects.

It will assist mainstream clients in understanding the notion of NFT tokens and then use NFT tokens as the flexible instrument that they are to pique the curiosity of a wider audience. The platform describes itself as – The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

Uniqly’s medium website contains all of the company’s information. They update every new change or enhancement in their services from time to time. The platform launched a Uniqly Collectors Club a few months ago. The club is a Social Mining Club that works with TIXL on an incentive scheme. It allows active members to win $UNIQ tokens.

In summary, Social Mining Club will boost $UNIQ’s token utility by rewarding our community with a fair share of our token for their work. It enables any crypto project to raise product awareness, promote community participation, get new followers, and increase the amount of innovative community-generated content.

To be a part of the Social Mining Club, the members have to join the club, spread the word, accumulate points, and finally, earn $UNIQ tokens. What’s exciting is members can spread the word about Uniqly via social media posts, memes and different activities. On their Medium page, the platform has explained everything in detail. Read more:

Along with being the bridge between NFT and physical products, Uniqly always provides various perks to their members. That’s why its popularity is growing over time.

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