Here’s Everything You Need to Know About English-Speaking Calgary City

Today we take you to meet the English-speaking Calgary of 卡尔加里 Canada, also known as Calgary City and Calgary Cowboy City. Located in the Rocky Mountains of southern Alberta, Canada, it is the fourth largest city in Canada and one of the world’s wealthiest, safest, happiest and highest standard of living cities, having been ranked in the top five most livable cities in the world by The Economist for many years. Calgary is the economic, financial, political and cultural center of Alberta, and the province’s largest city. It is the largest energy center in Canada and the second largest in North America, with branches of world-renowned oil companies CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Shell, BP and ExxonMobil, and the headquarters of many Canadian energy companies located here. It is also an important financial center in Western Canada, where the top ten investment banks in the world have their branches. Calgary ranks first in Canada for the number of Fortune 500 companies per capita and the number of small and medium-sized businesses per capita. In 2017, his population numbered 1.56 million, with the highest density of engineers in the country. Calgary has been repeatedly ranked as the cleanest city in the world by the genus UN Habitat. in 1988, the 15th Winter Olympics were held here. in 2017, Calgary was ranked 38th in the new global city ranking released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the genus UN Habitat. on December 26, 2019, it was ranked 235th in the 2019 list of the top 500 global cities Welcome to 卡尔加里旅游.

Today I’m going to talk to you about information related to renting in卡尔 加里 租房, uh, today we came to Calgary, uh, a famous apartment building, you see the back of the building colorful, it we Chinese usually call it the rainbow building, he side is particularly convenient, you see it has, uh, hot pot restaurant below. Baker’s, and then there’s a milk tea store in the front, uh, and then uh this side of the traffic is particularly convenient, it uh we look across the road that blue-topped building, it is C inch, C inch station, ah, it only takes five minutes to walk over, and then very close to KU, it is on the opposite side of KU, so many students they will live here, uh, of course, this side is uh big infrastructure is also very full, see this side of the first floor has You can see a day care, and then there is a playground on the opposite side, you see this rainbow building, it is a typical apartment building, on what we call apartment, it has one room, uh two rooms, uh, the price is about 1500 Canadian dollars, according to the size of the house, and then the price has some differences. Ah, now we look at this side of the soup house, is what we call a townhouse, that is, it is uh a building a building connected, and then there is a garage underneath, like this house is a complete set of rent, is probably in 2000 to 2,500 Canadian ah, like to house this most of it is inclusive of water uh and gas and electricity uh, some are some most are inclusive, but some may be to discuss with the landlord In fact, if you want to live in an independent house, you must pay attention to check the mailbox in time, all important letters will be sent here, the flowers in front of this house are very fragrant, like this kind of independent house, uh, probably if you rent the whole building, the price will be about $2,500. Uh, of course, you can also rent it a whole floor, or rent it, uh basement, if this sublease, the price may be in the 1000 Canadian dollars, of course, is also based on, uh, the size of the house and geographical location, how to rent these houses it, through the following several ways, the first way is also. The first way is also the online online, uh, we commonly use the website is rent fast, uh, sometimes also use KGG, is the landlord directly to the housing information sent online, or the real estate agent to send information online. The second way is that we can also use some, uh, platforms, especially we have some Chinese some, uh, public number ah, or some group ah, there will be some landlords will send their own listings in the group or public number. The third way is that we look for housing agents directly, through the website of housing agents, or we have some stores of housing agents, we can directly I can hard to find some properties, probably these three ways we commonly use. Finally, let me talk to you about what are the considerations. The first thing is that most of the rental houses in Canada are not furnished, this is very different from the domestic, are empty houses for rent, we must look at the information he wrote when, uh, renting a house, including furniture or unfurnished. Secondly, we have to pay attention to the fact that it is like an apartment apartment that includes electricity, water and gas, and then like a whole single house for rent, or like a single row for rent, he does not include electricity, water and gas, this should communicate clearly with the landlord in advance to see what is not included, yes, and then his side of the network is not included, it is possible that we need to contact We need to contact the internet company, and then we need to connect the internet cable to our own home. If you want to rent short term, you have to communicate with the landlord in advance so that you don’t get your deposit back, and you have to clean the house before the expiration date. And, uh, keep all the, uh, stuff in place, and then the deposit will be refunded to you in full. For us adult international students, in fact, most colleges or universities, it has a, uh, special office will have uh, staff will help you, assist you in the local life, such as how you go to rent a house, and then you have any problems, he will help you to solve the.

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