Hemp Permits In PR — Is It Legal To Use CBD In Puerto Rico? 

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Cannabis legality is confusing enough in US states. However, the 2018 US Farm Bill has helped clarify DC’s stance on hemp-derived goods, especially CBD oils. While it’s clear CBD oil is federally legal in the 50 US states, there are many questions about how this policy applies in other US territories. For instance, is CBD legal in Puerto Rico?

Whether you live in Puerto Rico or plan to visit, it’s crucial to review this island’s stance on hemp-extracted CBD products. People must also constantly review Puerto Rico’s ever-changing cannabis policies.

So, Can People Legally Use CBD Oil In Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately, CBD oil’s legal status in Puerto Rico isn’t simple to explain. PR officials have introduced many laws regulating medical marijuana, but they have yet to directly address recreational CBD oil. Also, Puerto Rico doesn’t use the same terminology to distinguish hemp, marijuana, and cannabis as in the 2018 US Farm Bill.

However, it’s clear from PR’s Act No. 42-2017 that residents can order medicinal cannabis products, including marijuana-derived CBD oils. Note: This law didn’t approve CBD products from the more common hemp cultivars found in the USA. Puerto Rico has also introduced many new measures to test the quality of CBD oils entering the island.

There’s some ambiguity over whether the 2018 US Farm Bill applies to Puerto Rico’s hemp policies. Technically, Puerto Rico is a US territory, so the new federal hemp standards should protect hemp-derived goods like CBD oils. However, Puerto Rico has yet to enact a clear local law on the sale and use of recreational hemp-extracted products like most states in the US.

So, what does this all mean for CBD customers in Puerto Rico? At this point, only patients who have a doctor’s approval can purchase CBD-rich products from a medical marijuana dispensary. There are too many questions surrounding PR’s CBD policies to say whether lab-tested hemp-derived products are OK for recreational use.

Given the greater acceptance of CBD products in DC, you could argue CBD is de facto legal in Puerto Rico. Technically, the 2018 US Farm Bill applies to all US territories, but it also gives each state the right to craft hemp laws. Until Puerto Rico passes clear guidelines on its recreational hemp market, it’s better off not using this supplement without a doctor’s approval.

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Puerto Rico may not be as friendly to cannabis or hemp as US states like Colorado, but it has begun adopting medical marijuana policies. As demand for CBD increases in Puerto Rico, there’s a chance the laws governing this substance could change quickly.

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