Hemp For Hyperactivity — Can CBD Oil Calm ADHD Symptoms?

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We’re living in an age of impulsivity. Spurred on by our fast-paced Internet-based lifestyle, more people struggle with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The CDC now claims that about 6.1 million children in the USA have clinically recognized ADD or ADHD.

Although there are therapies, diets, and medications for these mental conditions, many ADHD patients have become interested in using natural supplements like CBD. Since CBD shows potential for anxiety, it’s not a far leap to assume it would be beneficial for ADD or ADHD. So, is there any science to back up these claims?

Can CBD Oil Help With ADD-Related Hyperactivity?

To date, most placebo-controlled clinical studies on CBD don’t focus on ADD or ADHD. Instead, scientists seem to be most interested in CBD’s effectiveness for social anxiety disorder (SAD). Studies from Japan and Brazil strongly suggest CBD capsules could reduce a SAD patient’s fear levels, even when they have to give a public speech.

A key question is whether CBD’s anti-anxiety effects carry over to ADHD. While a few studies suggest CBD may have benefits for ADHD, it’s crucial to recognize these trials don’t study CBD in isolation.

Indeed, most research into “CBD” for ADHD includes the illegal cannabinoid delta-9 THC. Some studies use synthetic pills with CBD and THC, while others test marijuana strains with various concentrations of these cannabinoids. Even though many of these trials suggest CBD/THC helps ADHD patients, we don’t know how much CBD contributes to these effects.

Many anecdotal testimonies suggest CBD helps people with ADHD feel a sense of calm, but we can’t say anything with scientific certainty. Hopefully, as more scientists hear testimonials on using CBD for ADHD, they will begin turning their attention to this cannabinoid.

How Should Customers Use CBD For ADHD?

If someone wants to use CBD for ADHD, they could choose a few options. Arguably, CBD oils and tinctures are ideal for ADHD because they provide accurate dosing and rapid relief. Customers who take CBD oils under their tongue enjoy a near 100 percent absorption rate and should feel calming effects within a few minutes.

However, people interested in acute anxiety relief may feel like CBD oils aren’t providing the “full effects.” In these instances, customers may want to consider trying high-potency vaping CBD e-juices or smoking CBD-rich hemp flowers. These delivery methods won’t get users “high,” but they will provide a potent blast of CBD in seconds.

For those who don’t mind subtler & longer-lasting effects, there are plenty of CBD capsules and gummies on today’s market. These CBD items take longer to work into a person’s bloodstream, but they may provide sustained stress relief throughout a long day.

Remember that recreational CBD products are only recommended for adult patients. People under the age of 21 should have a doctor’s approval before they start experimenting with CBD for ADHD. Also, CBD may interact with prescription medications, so ADHD patients using doctor-approved pills should ensure CBD won’t alter their drug absorption.

CBD For ADHD — A Potential Future Therapy

CBD oil may have significant benefits for ADHD patients. While there’s little clinical data on CBD’s effectiveness for ADD or ADHD, researchers are beginning to turn their attention to this cannabinoid. At the very least, it appears CBD helps reduce overall anxiety. Since ADD and ADHD are often related to anxiety disorders, it makes sense that patients experience symptom relief while taking CBD oils.

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