Hemp Cigarettes: A Tobacco-Free Alternative to Cigarettes

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The U.S. may not have the highest number of tobacco smokers on the planet, but just the same, 17 out of every 100 adults are current smokers. While some people are smokers with no real intention of quitting, many really would like to drop their tobacco habit. Unfortunately, quitting smoking completely can be exceptionally difficult.

One of the most effective ways to steer away from tobacco is to look at tobacco-free alternatives, and hemp cigarettes like those offered by TIMBR Organics could fit the bill. 

While no level of smoking can be deemed healthy, smoking hemp may help typical tobacco users get away from some of the dangers that come along with frequent tobacco smoking. Let’s take a closer look. 

The Dangers of Tobacco Cigarettes

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Smoking tobacco cigarettes has long been associated with a number of pretty alarming health concerns. Tobacco contains a highly addictive compound known as nicotine. However, tobacco smoke is also thought to serve up about 7,000 chemicals with every puff, including lead, ammonia, and tobacco-specific nitrosamine (TSNAs).

The World Health Organization says that smoking is actually the biggest cause of diseases and even death that could be prevented simply by not smoking. Let’s look at some of the biggest dangers that come along with tobacco cigarettes. 


Lung cancer may be the most widely-known risk of smoking with 7 of 10 cases being related, but tobacco use is actually related to a long list of other types of cancers. Most of these cancer risks come from the many chemicals found in tobacco. Some of the most common types of cancer related to tobacco smoke beyond lung cancer include cancer of the: 

  • Mouth, throat, and voice box 
  • Bladder and bowel 
  • Cervix 
  • Kidney
  • Liver 
  • Stomach 

Heart Disease 

Smoking tobacco is highly related to heart disease simply because it reduces blood circulation and may cause direct damage to the coronary system. People who smoke are more likely to experience everything from a heart attack to a stroke. And, the more people smoke or the longer they smoke, the greater these risks can become. 


One little-known danger of smoking tobacco is the fact that it can limit blood supply to some parts of the body that are extremely important to fertility and reproduction. Not only can smoking cause male impotence, but it can also lower fertility in both men and women. These effects are thought to be related to how smoking cigarettes may affect blood circulation throughout the reproductive system. 


Tobacco is considered highly addictive, even though it is legal for adults to consume. Tobacco may be so addictive that just smoking one day a month may lead to symptoms of addiction. About 70 percent of smokers report addiction symptoms before they even started smoking every day. 

The Benefits of Hemp Cigarettes As an Alternative

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So, with tobacco causing so many health concerns, could hemp be a good cigarette alternative? Maybe. Even though any type of smoking poses its own risks, smoking hemp seems to be associated with fewer concerns and its own set of actual, measurable benefits. 

No Nicotine 

As noted earlier, tobacco naturally contains the chemical compound nicotine. However, hemp cigarettes are nicotine-free. Nicotine drives the addictive nature of smoking tobacco. Hemp is known to have an extremely low potential for addiction, and some cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) found in hemp have even been looked at as interventional therapeutic agents for addiction. 

Cannabinoids and Terpenes 

Tobacco delivers a host of chemicals, but hemp delivers a host of cannabinoids and terpenes that may offer medicinal properties. Likewise, hemp does not contain TSNAs. Cannabinoids like CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabichromene (CBC) have been shown to offer some layer of therapeutic action for the human body. Likewise, terpenes found in smokable hemp may offer their own benefits. You can see a more in-depth examination of how cannabinoids in hemp smoke may benefit the body here

Fewer Carbon Compounds 

Carbonyl compounds are simply a result of combusting plant material, which means both burning tobacco and burning hemp do produce these compounds. Nevertheless, a hemp cigarette contains significantly fewer carbon compounds than a tobacco cigarette. 

Say Bye to Tobacco and Hello to Hemp

In the end, hemp cigarettes could serve as a viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The advantages of hemp cigarettes are obvious, and the risks of tobacco smoking are well-documented. 

If you’re looking to learn more about hemp cigarettes and perhaps are even interested in giving them a try, TIMBR Organics offers a great selection of top-quality hemp cigarette products. Made with the highest-quality, US-grown hemp, TIMBR Organics hemp cigarettes are available in three cannabinoid-focused blends: CBD Cigarettes, CBG Cigarettes, and Delta 8 Cigarettes.

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