Helping small businesses grow like never before, enter FloridaYum.

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With the aim to illuminate businesses in Florida, a group of passionate people founded FloridaYum as a digital marketing agency.

It is so amazing to know and learn about all those businesses and brands that have thrived in their journeys so far by walking on unconventional roads and making choices as a team that has helped them thrust forward in their respective industries in multiple incredible ways. To do that in the world of business, especially after starting a brand from scratch, has proved to be insanely challenging, but that is how the team at FloridaYum has thrived and continues to do in the vast world of digital marketing as a one-of-a-kind agency, aimed at illuminating businesses in Florida, especially small businesses that need the right path and guidance to grow and flourish.

The past few years have been pretty unfortunate for many people and businesses at large across the world, owing to the pandemic, which caused significant disruptions in the business space and the lives of people. A few locals of Florida saw their people suffer and how they had to close businesses because of lockdowns. These locals who savoured great food at some of the best hang-out places and food outlets in the state were heartbroken, but that also ignited the fire in them to start a company that could give a new life to these honest food establishments, and thats how came into being FloridaYum, a unique digital marketing agency.

FloridaYum offers top-notch services that attract local customers from the state, seeking the best of food, entertainment, and the joy they thought was lost somewhere in the pandemic. The agency was initiated this year in 2022 and still has managed to make quite a name for itself in the world of digital. Also, establishing it out of two car garages with the astuteness of three FAU students with $3 in their pockets was indeed a huge risk, but they did it for a great cause to push forward the state of Florida.

In fact, their love for food can be traced back to when one of the agencys founders had founded a foodie page in Las Vegas, which went ahead in becoming a highly growing page with over 200K followers. The success of which led him to start a foodie page dedicated to Florida, which is growing incredibly each passing day.

Do check out FloridaYums website or follow it on Instagram @floridayum to know more.

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