Helping Small Business Owners Save Money on their Taxes: A Look at the Success Story of Joel Sandoval, CPA

With the new year only just kicking off, taxes upcoming in four short months might not be the first thing on people’s minds. They do seem to return every year no matter how long they are put off and sometimes getting a head start is exactly what you need to make the new year great. And when Joel Sandoval, CPA is on the job, there is no need to procrastinate on those taxes. Joel is a certified public accountant (CPA) and the owner of Sandoval Tax CPAs located out of Bakersfield, CA. Joel and his team take the guesswork out of your taxes, with top-tier customer service to boot. Joel reflected on how he got to where he is today and some of his most important lessons in the crossover between being a CPA and an entrepreneur.

​Joel grew up with a real estate background as both of his parents worked in this field and he assumed he would too. However, prospects were not the brightest in the stock market crash of 2008 and Joel began to look for other career options. Working for a real estate firm while he was in high school, he realized job security was a top priority for him. Around this time he met a CPA who gave him the rundown of her own career. She explained that even in the midst of a stock market crash, her own job was safe as there was always a demand for her services. Joel was sold and not too long after was graduating top of his class from CSU Bakersfield.

​Joel was set up for success out of the gate after investing countless hours of dedicated work, as he got multiple offers from Bakersfield tax firms directly post-graduation. After experiencing a variety of accounting environments, from a 9-12 hours a day desk job to being an accounting manager and focusing on the business side of a company, Joel had garnered an extensive amount of experience but knew that he was ready to take his career to the next level. After an eye-opening conversation with his wife, he knew it was time to leave his six-figure salary and start from scratch with his very own business.

​Building from the ground up was anything but easy. Joel recalls wearing multiple hats to maintain business. Joel’s goal from the very beginning was to invest in his own hustle now so that he could eventually have a company essentially running itself. After 5 and a half years, Joel has achieved his dream and his company has gained enough momentum to be making plans for national reach. In Joel’s ideal world, Sandoval Tax, CPAs would be a household name with their services accessible to the entire nation. COVID has uniquely played a role in progressing Sandoval Tax, CPAs toward this goal. When the world went quiet in 2020, Joel’s company had to meet virtually with clients. However, the need for in-person consultation also went out the door and expanded Sandoval Tax’s reach to people from anywhere who may be interested in their services. Sandoval Tax’s service is for a larger demographic as well with multiple bilingual CPAs within their own firm. Joel shared that this is rare and they take pride in the diversity of experience housed at Sandoval Tax, CPAs.

​Looking to the future, Joel would love for Sandoval Tax, CPAs to be not only a household name but a firm that every private business in America knows the name of. As an entrepreneur, Joel understands the importance of getting your taxes down correctly and efficiently, and he shared that his mission is “helping small business owners save money on their taxes.” In a world that seems at times to be focused on taking more of your resources than you might like, Joel’s mantra is like a cool glass of water. Joel Sandoval and the team of Sandoval Tax, CPAs are looking forward to assisting clients in the new year and the money that they can give back to their clients.

LA Weekly