Health Tech CEO Rachel Murphy Has Smashed Through the Glass Ceiling

In this modern day and age, women have finally been able to find success in areas that were not available to them in the past. The credit for this goes to the hard work and dedication of brave and resilient women who have been able to invest in themselves and their respective careers. A couple of decades ago, women were not given the opportunities in business that they are today. The definition of female entrepreneurship has been changed by those who decided to fight for what they believe in.

One of these strong and steadfast women is Rachel Murphy. She is an entrepreneur and has had the opportunity to lead the patient-facing transformation of the National Health Service in the U.K. Rachel has integrated technology into the medical system. This has solved a major problem for many patients.

Using the experience that Rachel has gained throughout this journey, she went on to establish her own business. Her health tech business called Difrent gained a lot of success and support. The company was set up to provide recruitment services but later became a professional services business providing end-to-end digital services for public organizations.

After its further expansion and expositional growth in the right direction, Rachel decided to sell the business after 1000 days. In this short span, the business was fruitful enough for anyone to invest in and take it to the next level. She was able to secure £13.2m for Difrent. This company was responsible for building jobs for many in the field.

Difrent also provided Covid Home Testing Service using PCR’s since the beginning of 2022. This company was established to make people’s lives easier with the use of technology.

It’s extremely difficult for women to make a name for themselves in male-dominated industries. But Rachel broke this stigma by staying focused on her goals. She has proved that if you want to achieve success, nothing should be able to stop you.

Rachel’s accomplishments speak for themselves. She was awarded the CEO of the Year in 2020. This took place despite the pandemic. She also had the honor to meet Hilary Clinton at an award ceremony in London. Rachel has also been shortlisted for Inspiring Fifty across Europe. These awards will take place in June 2022.

Hurdles and challenges were a part of her journey towards success but with a problem-solving mindset, Rachel succeeded. She faced serious delivery and cash flow issues initially, but with experience, these were solved as well.

Her brand Difrent was also accepted into the Mayor’s International Growth Programme. This was a game changer and a proud moment for the team and Rachel. The company is moving into the right direction despite being sold to another entity. Rachel made sure that Difrent still fulfills its mission and keeps moving ahead.

She is an inspiration for many women around the globe. Everything that Rachel has built gives us hope that there’s a bright future for the upcoming generation of women.

LA Weekly