Healing & Discovery – Sam Garrett Set To Drop Two Major Projects

The English artist announced that his fans have something to look forward to. Not one, but two albums seem to be on their way to the anticipating followers of the spiritually minded songwriter.

Healing through music, the concept isn’t new but often a rather passive or unconscious side-effect of a creating or consuming experience. Sam Garrett has a more conscious approach when it comes to the soothing power of sound. The English singer-songwriter, who has a huge following in Australia and South & North America, turns his songs into spiritual journeys. His songs carry strong messages aiming to inspire healing, the artists writes about his connection with nature, our purpose as humans and ways to contribute to a better future.

Stylistically, it is hard to put him in one category. On some tracks, he is undeniably combining surfer vibes with intense, minimalistic yet atmospheric sound imagery that draws comparisons to some of Australia’s best exports.

But then he also introduces mantras and reggae patterns into his songwriting adding a unique touch of creative talent. The rather rhythmic foundation of his songs are met with soulful melodies and Garrett is able to mix elements that few have dared to attempt mixing, and even less would be able to put into a package that delivers an easy listening experience. If Paul Simon isn’t a fan yet, he would surely approve.

The Brit’s last full body release, ‘The Dance & The Wonder’, explores love through devotion and softness, an ode to the art of surrender. The title track to the album proved to be one of his biggest songs so far, although more recent singles have hinted at a lot of potential that continues to be unlocked.

With that said, we are looking at what’s coming next from Sam Garrett. He announced two major releases in the near future – I a roots reggae album featuring Paul Izak set to be dropped around spring next year, and a devotional album with his partner Mollie Mendoza, which we can expect this coming winter. Exciting times and even more so once life events pick up again for artists. Because Garrett is surely the kind of artist that you want to experience performing.




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