Personally,  I enjoy the feeling of nicotine. On the other hand, I hate cigarettes. I can’t stand smelling them on people’s clothes and it gives an instant headache if someone smokes a cigarette anywhere near me. Beyond that, I’m terrified of the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. 

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So what is the alternative? I came across HAVI hemp cigarettes infused with nicotine a few weeks ago. What surprised me most was how smooth they are. It felt like air, hence their slogan “Light as a Feather” and there was barely any detectable smell at all. Next I felt the buzz. The difference between HAVI Natural and any other hemp cigarette is, while they are all typically much smoother than a tobacco cigarette, they only contain natural hemp which has no THC or psychoactive effects and no nicotine (no buzz). 

Using a patented infusion process, HAVI Natural has now officially launched as the first hemp cigarette in the world, infused with nicotine! Besides the four taste options  named Green, Aloha, Burst and Ice – they offer a step down nicotine variety starting with +4 “Max” (the strongest percentage of nicotine) down to +0 “Zero” which contains no nicotine with only the American grown hemp and natural plant terpenes in case you are trying to limit or cut down on your nicotine intake. 

Havi, Havi Natutral, Hemp Cigarette, Hemp, Nicotine, Hemp with nicotine, quit smoking, nicotine infused

Eliminating all the harsh chemicals added to ordinary cigarettes seems like a giant step in the right direction and having the ability to choose your level of nicotine is a freedom I’m excited to try. As a regular vape smoker, I’m accustomed to a pretty strong nic buzz, so I’m currently trying HAVI Green +4 but my goals are to step down weekly until I’m at +1 and then experiment with the Burst & Aloha varieties. 

Now here are answers I found to some questions I had.  

First of all, hemp infused with Nicotine is brand new and exclusive to HAVI Natural. Their patent pending technology and unique infusion process is only available with HAVI at licensed retailers & wholesale distributors. 

Why nicotine? Tobacco smokers have been unwilling to switch to hemp because they want nicotine in their smokes. The most common excuse was that they like the “feel” of cigarettes, which we know comes from the nicotine. By  switching to hemp cigarettes, the only thing missing was the buzz. That “buzz” happens when your brain releases epinephrine. With HAVI Natural you can decide what level of nicotine is right for you.  The nicotine is infused into the hemp and is derived from vegetables instead of tobacco. 

Remember that nicotine is an addictive chemical, so if you don’t already smoke – don’t start! If you are currently a smoker, and looking to try something new, or would like the option to decrease your nicotine intake, then HAVI Natural is here.

More information is on their website, where only the +0 level hemp cigarettes can be ordered to your door. The hemp infused nicotine varieties are only available in stores located in California, New York, Texas, Oklahoma & Florida. 

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