He is a 21-year-old music artist from Australia, exuding high levels of passion and commitment to make it huge across the vast industry.

Over the years, we have heard about so many professionals across industries and fields who have radiated a certain brilliance. This very brilliance, when combined with their passion, have helped them earn great respect and recognition. Also, a few of them have gone ahead in creating their unique niche and made more buzz around their work in their respective industries. The music industry is also one where talented beings are born each day in different parts of the world, and some of them go ahead in creating milestones in the same. We met an upcoming and highly talented musician from Sydney, Australia, named Harrison Wain, aka BOXBOY, who totally has immersed himself in the world of music and very successfully has transitioned his career from being a video creator into the musical artist he is today.

Now, he has come forward to share his views on how other aspiring musicians and music artists can improve their music production skills.

  • Listen to more different music: BOXBOY says that perhaps he is one of the very few Australians who make rock, trap and alternative indie music. He learned many things because he chose to listen to variety of different genres in music. He suggests the same to others as well, as he believes this will help aspiring musicians to dive deeper into the industry and learn about the songs that have not been chartbusters but still have a lot to gain insights from. He highlights that people must refrain from listening to the same old songs every day, as after a point, it may not inspire them anymore. It is essential for musical artists to gain inspiration even from songs that may not have made it to the chartbuster list. Widening one’s knowledge by listening to new music will have a strong influence on the music they make, which will further grow them as artists.
  • Collaboration is a great idea: When artists come together and join hands with the intention to create something different, magic is what gets created, highlights BOXBOY. Collaborating with other like-minded artists and talented musicians can give birth to more music ideas and concepts, which can help those individuals learn from each other and may even get introduced to a brand-new genre of music. It is not just about gaining more music ideas, but also about understanding music at a deeper level, says BOXBOY. When different creative minds work around something, different perspectives also emerge, which further encourage them to create impeccable music that can make anyone fall in love with it instantly. It could improve and enhance the talent of these musicians and may even give them a chord or a melody progression. In any case, it will only help the artists grow beyond boundaries.
  • Keep experimenting: Only using the same chord progression, again and again, will not help people to grow as artists. To reach greater success, it is essential for them to keep experimenting with different sounds, music beats and step out of their comfort zone to attain the success and expertise they desire. BOXBOY says that using the same sounds and the drums that artists always use may make their music quite monotonous, offering nothing new to listeners and music lovers. Hence, he suggests musicians and singers to try things they never did before and step out of their comfort zone. Staying in the same patterns only makes people get into a rut, which hinders their growth.
  • Do because you love it: Making music is an art form and can come to those who immerse themselves totally into the niche. BOXBOY says that people need to make music for the right reasons and not just for earning money. Loving what you create essential to be a successful artist in the industry. BOXBOY mentions how he has noticed many musicians and singers only focusing on making money as their primary goal. He wants them to know that only thinking about the monetary gains will eventually make their craft suffer and may not increase or enhance their creativity or create the type of music they wish to create.

Following the points mentioned above, BOXBOY has been able to better his skills as a musician and so far, has earned great response with 500K on 2 of his singles. The Australian rising musical artist is all prepped up and excited to release new songs all year and finally drop an album, hopefully at the end of this year. Harrison Wain, aka BOXBOY, has already made over 250 songs and can’t wait to create more in the coming years.

LA Weekly