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Since the inception of cannabis in pop culture, cannabis was always being smoked in basic pipes or simple bongs, as seen in movies or entertainment avenues. Now that cannabis has been legalized and become mainstream, there have been a plethora of smoking methods created to enhance the intake of this majestic plant. Daily High Club is a leader in this field, as their uniquely crafted and custom bongs, pipes, vapes, and dab rigs have paralleled the cannabis innovations seen in recent years. Harrison Baum is the CEO of Daily High Club, and he has made it his mission to optimize a smoker’s experience, while adding immense aesthetic appeal to their next session.

Daily High Club is an online headshop and a monthly subscription service, where subscribers pay a low monthly fee to get custom designed pieces every month. The subscription comes with a 5-7 item set, including custom bongs, pipes, wraps, papers, grinders, and anything else that may be special to that respective month. Holidays are a great time to get custom pieces, Daily High Club makes sure to create impeccable quality pieces for their subscribers. For Thanksgiving, they made a custom turkey bong that is sure to blow away even the biggest cannabis connoisseur.

Daily High Club is vastly superior to any of its competitors on the market, as they have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is reflected in the quality they produce, as Baum’s partner is an expert at his craft, armed with 10 years of experience at blowing glass.

Baum’s creation has been wildly successful, so much that it has caught the attention of prominent individuals in the cannabis sector. Daily High Club has collaborated with Tommy Chong, as well as superstar rapper, Snoop Dogg. They were also featured in Wacka Flocka’s video, and on the YouTube channel of famed cannabis influencer, Koala Puffs. Baum is not just a cannabis enthusiast committed to improving the cannabis experience of his fellow enthusiasts, but also an activist for cannabis reform. He has worked with the renowned Weldon Angelos, who was incarcerated for minor possession of cannabis- he was later pardoned by former president Barack Obama. With Baum’s innovations, Daily High Club is setting a precedent for the optimal smoking experience. If you are looking for a six-chamber bong, dab rig, or fancy pipe to show off to your friends during your next session, Daily High Club is sure to exceed any expectations.

To learn more, please visit www.DailyHighClub.com<http://www.dailyhighclub.com/>

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