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Happy Jewelers in Southern California has become the choice custom jeweler for people like country music star Jon Pardi and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw. Even with high profile clients in their store, Happy Jewelers has stuck to their roots and treats each and every client with the same amount of dedication. These roots reach all the way back to Istanbul, Turkey, in 1973.

When Isa Arik was growing up as the child of a farmer in Istanbul, he always dreamed about what life had to offer beyond farming. As he got older, he became fond of the process of crafting jewelry. So, in 1973, he opened up his own jewelry store in his hometown. Quickly garnering a strong reputation, Isa knew that his success could continue to grow if he took his store overseas to America.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Isa’s store continued to succeed, but it wasn’t until 2000 when it would truly begin to flourish. It was in that year when Isa Arik’s son, Gabe began to express interest in following in his father’s footsteps. While respecting his father’s business ideals, Gabe, along with his brother Danny, opened up their own jewelry store, Happy Jewelers.

“Our father taught us that if you want things in life you have to work hard to obtain them; nothing is free.” Gabe shares that watching their father’s work ethic firsthand while growing up was an immensely influential aspect for him as a businessman. “I had a business mindset at a very early age, and I was very determined and worked hard,” Gabe shares.

Owning and operating Happy Jewelers when he was only 18 years old was a daunting task for Gabe, but he knew that completing it would produce bountiful rewards. Possibly the most difficult thing to accomplish at that age was earning the respect of his peers in the industry. “I set to maintain the highest standards in the industry in business ethics, professionalism, knowledge, and customer satisfaction, and proved to them my craft,” he says.

With Gabe and Danny at the helm of Happy Jewelers, they have been able to take the company to new heights. They are constantly expanding their product offerings and are tirelessly working to push the envelope in the jewelry industry.

Even with their vast successes and the celebrities who rep their pieces, the Arik brothers have continued the family aspect of Happy Jewelers. “Family is everything,” Gabe states. “(We) carry that into the way we treat our team members as well as our customers. It’s our internal cultured value that we believe sets us apart from other jewelry stores.”

From Istanbul, Turkey, to Los Angeles, California, Happy Jewelers and the Arik family have spent nearly five decades crafting exquisite jewelry and providing one-of-a-kind customer service experiences to each and every client looking for their next life-changing piece of jewelry.

Learn more about Happy Jewelers at their website and explore their impressive collection of jewelry via their Instagram.


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