Haoyuan Lu Creates “RIDE,Nezha and the tide” Sculpture: Reviving Mythical Characters with Modern Appeal

Recently, the highly anticipated public art piece “RIDE, Nezha and the Tide” made a grand debut at the Hailan Art Museum, immediately sparking lively discussions in the art world. Haoyuan Lu, who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of the Arts, has endowed this work with unique depth and breadth due to his profound artistic expertise and expansive creative vision. Serving as the designer, sculptor, 3D modeler,and renderer (for proposal),he showcased his exquisite craftsmanship in vividly presenting the heroic figure Nezha from Chinese traditional mythology, delivering an awe-inspiring aesthetic experience to the audience. This work not only demonstrates Haoyuan Lu’s deep understanding and unique insights into art but also highlights his exceptional artistic talent and boundless creativity.

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Image credit: Haoyuan Lu

The Hailan Art Museum, one of the largest art museums in China, was built over three years with an investment of 800 million yuan by Hailan Group, a leading domestic clothing company. With a construction area of 100,000 square meters, the museum’s architectural style reflects the grandeur of the Great Hall of the People. The museum showcases cutting-edge contemporary art and serves as a vital place for integrating contemporary Chinese art with public life. Its diverse exhibitions and high-quality artworks have garnered widespread recognition and praise. As a leader among Chinese art museums, the Hailan Art Museum plays a significant role in leading art trends and promoting cultural arts, contributing greatly to the development and prosperity of contemporary Chinese art subculture. Its exhibition standards and quality requirements are extremely high. Being selected and showcased indicates that Haoyuan Lu’s work has achieved a very high level of artistry and innovation.

It is worth noting that the Hailan Art Museum houses the masterpiece “Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River,” which is considered a masterpiece in Chinese art history. This 200-meter-long artwork was created by over 50 domestic landscape painters after a year of fieldwork, depicting the natural and cultural landscapes of the Yangtze River. Additionally, there is a 120-meter-long “Silk Road Map” that illustrates the scenery, architecture, and people along the Silk Road, covering parts of Asia, Europe, and even Africa. These works not only showcase superb artistic skills but also promote traditional Chinese culture.The inclusion of Haoyuan Lu’s masterpiece, “RIDE,Nezha and the tide,” in the Hailan Art Museum collection is a high honor, acknowledging his exceptional status and remarkable achievements in the art world.

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Image credit: Haoyuan Lu

Inspired by the Chinese mythological story “Nezha Conquers the Sea,” the artwork “RIDE, Nezha and the Tide” tells the tale of the brave and fearless Nezha who uses his extraordinary powers to outwit and defeat sea monsters, ultimately protecting innocent people. In designing “RIDE, Nezha and the Tide,” Haoyuan Lu conducted in-depth research on Nezha’s image and the story’s background. He employed various artistic techniques, including sculpture, 3D modeling, and rendering, to vividly bring Nezha’s figure to life in this four-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture, with every detail seemingly infused with vitality. Nezha rides a skateboard, performing an ollie over the waves, as if in a harmonious dance with the surging sea. Haoyuan Lu skillfully combines the timeless charm of this ancient myth with the rebellious spirit of modern skateboarding culture, creating a masterpiece that pays homage to traditional culture while fully showcasing modern artistic flair. This series of artistic practices not only embodies Haoyuan Lu’s fearless pursuit and innovative spirit in art but also highlights his outstanding talent in the field.

Haoyuan Lu’s deep affection for the story of “Nezha Conquers the Sea” stems from its representation of courage, justice, and salvation, making it a classic in traditional Chinese culture. He believes that the development of subculture significantly influences contemporary art. By combining traditional cultural elements with modern trends, he created “RIDE,Nezha and the tide,” an artwork that blends tradition with modernity, East with West. This creative approach not only provides the audience with a fresh artistic experience but also showcases the inspiration and impact of subculture on art creation. In terms of vision and technology, it further demonstrated Haoyuan Lu’s outstanding creativity and talent.

In addition, Haoyuan Lu’s work “RIDE, Nezha and the Tide” has been awarded the Creative Design Award by the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. As one of China’s top art institutions, the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts grants awards that not only represent the academy’s recognition of the works but also symbolize outstanding achievements and influence in the field of art. Haoyuan’s receipt of such an important award on this platform fully demonstrates his extraordinary artistic talent and profound artistic skills.Moreover, the well-known media outlet Art Headlines has conducted an in-depth report on Haoyuan’s latest work, which has quickly garnered widespread attention and discussion. As an authoritative media in the industry, Art Headlines, with its professional perspective and extensive influence, has brought more attention and recognition to Haoyuan Lu’s work. This further highlights Haoyuan Lu’s distinguished status in the art world.

In Haoyuan Lu’s artistic career, “RIDE,Nezha and the tide” is not only a concentrated exhibition of his personal talent, but also a model of perfect fusion of Chinese traditional culture and modern art. Looking into the future, Haoyuan Lu will let more people appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional culture through modern artistic techniques such as sculpture, 3D modeling, and rendering. With a more open mind, he will explore new artistic forms and expressive techniques, constantly challenge himself, and strive to achieve innovation and breakthrough in every work.  Haoyuan Lu hopes to make more people understand and love Chinese traditional culture through his own efforts, making traditional mythological characters become a bridge connecting different cultures and nations.

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