Hair Transplant Istanbul as the Ultimate Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition numerous people around the world have been trying to solve. The market is filled with all products promoted to reduce hair loss or speed up growth, but none of these solutions have permanent or life-changing results.

However, that doesn’t mean no method can help you combat hair loss for good. Hair transplantation is considered the best hair restoration technique to give you a full head of hair in the shortest time possible.

A hair transplant in Istanbul is the go-to choice among people looking for high-quality results at a fair price. Even though you’ll come across plenty of reputable hair transplantation clinics in Turkey, here we will look at one of the best clinics in Istanbul, the MedArt Hair Clinic, and the services it offers.

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About the MedArt Hair Clinic

The MedArt Hair Clinic is one of the well-known hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic offers a variety of hair transplantation surgeries to its clients and uses the most modern tools and equipment to complete these procedures.

What makes the MedArt Hair Clinic special is the expertise of its hair transplantation surgeons. Namely, the doctors have years of experience in the field, so they’re skilled to deliver outstanding results every time.

Besides that, the entire medical staff is polite, helpful, and friendly, improving patients’ overall experience during their stay at the clinic.

However, many people interested in having one of the popular hair transplant procedures wonder why MedArt Hair Clinic is the right choice.

Well, this clinic offers the same, if not better, hair transplantation results at a fraction of the price compared to other clinics in developed countries. For instance, the average cost of a hair transplant in the US can reach up to $15,000 even, while the same procedure can cost only $2,000 in one of the clinics in Turkey.

Turkish clinics, including the MedArt Hair Clinic, can offer premium hair implantation surgeries at such a low price due to the significantly lower costs of materials and resources required for these medical procedures.

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The Medarthair Clinic hair transplantation package

If you choose the MedArt Hair Clinic for your hair transplantation surgery, the package includes everything you’ll need during your stay. The clinic made sure to cover all the essentials so that the patients could have a pleasant and stress-free stay.

With that said, even if you choose the MedArt Hair Clinic hair transplantation package including only the basic features, you’ll still have the following elements included:

  • A free consultation with an expert surgeon;
  • Transfer from and to the airport with a personal driver;
  • Accommodation in a hotel;
  • Meals in the hotel;
  • Completion of blood exams;
  • Hair transplantation surgery with the desired number of grafts;
  • Shampoo and conditioner for after-care.

The MedArt Hair Clinic has several transplantation packages its patients can choose from. Regardless of the package you choose, the professional team is always here to assist you if needed. If you need help in any step of your hair transplantation journey, the MedArt Hair Clinic will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

The MedArt Hair Clinic hair transplantation procedures

As previously mentioned, the MedArt Hair Clinic offers several different hair transplant procedures that patients can choose from.

The DHI hair transplant is one of these procedures. The Direct Hair Transplantation procedure involves the transplantation of hair grafts from the donor area to the recipient area.

The best thing about this hair transplantation technique is that there’s minimal incisions and bleeding involved. That means patients can experience a quick recovery process and return to their usual activities soon after the procedure.

The DHI hair transplantation method is recommended for patients who want to achieve excessive hair graft density.

Another great option is the Sapphire FUE hair transplant. For Sapphire hair transplants, surgeons use a unique tool called Sapphire to make smooth incisions in the most natural growing angulation. What’s unique about the Sapphire hair transplantation is that the tip of the blade is made out of sapphire, which ensures a smooth recovery and total natural angle.

The Sapphire hair transplantation is perfect for covering larger recipient areas.

In addition to hair transplants, the MedArt Hair Clinic also offers beard transplantation for those who want to take their appearance to another level.

All procedures at the MedArt Hair Clinic are done under local anesthesia, so the surgeries are as comfortable and painless as possible for the patients.

Before and after results

All clients are interested in the before and after results that they can expect after the hair transplantation surgery. Even though the clients will quickly see the difference in hair growth of transplanted hair, the final results are visible 12 months after the surgery. During this period, the transplanted hair grafts will settle in, and the skin on both donor and recipient areas will fully recover.

Moreover, patients report beautiful and natural results of the MedArt Hair Clinic hair transplantation. Surgeons study every patient’s hair growth direction and pattern individually, allowing them to recreate the same outcome with the transplanted hair.

Thanks to advanced equipment and contemporary methods, patients can cover any bald areas in the most natural way possible and achieve a seamless transition between regular and transplanted hair.


All in all, hair transplants in Turkey are becoming widely popular for a good reason. Thanks to them, people can get a high-quality hair transplant for significantly less money than in the US.

While you will find numerous excellent hair transplantation clinics across Turkey, you should opt for the MedArt Hair Clinic if you want to ensure truly outstanding results. With an expert team of experienced surgeons and the latest equipment, the MedArthair Clinic has everything you could ask for in a reliable and trustworthy clinic in Istanbul.

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