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Gynectrol is a product manufactured by Crazy Bulk — designed to reduce chest fat, resulting in firmer and more muscular-looking pectorals 

Crazy Bulk is known for producing effective legal steroid alternatives, with over 3,600 verified customer reviews on Feefo, with a user rating of 4.4 out of 5. 

Crazy Bulk also has a positive reputation on social media, particularly Instagram, where people are seen hashtagging their favourite Crazy Bulk supplements (source). 

Although we know that Crazy Bulk seemingly produces formulas that customers are happy with, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee gynectrol’s effectiveness, as not all products yield similar results. 

In this gynectrol review, we will analyse the product, assess the effectiveness of its ingredients, see the visual change with a customer before and after picture; as well as predicting what kind of results you can expect from taking this supplement. 

What is Gynectrol?

As consequence of an obese epidemic, many men are sufferring from man boobs (or moobs), which essentially is excess chest fat, causing a sagging effect to the pectorals. 

Gynecomastia is the medical term for excessive breast tissue accumulation in the mammary glands, hence the name gynectrol. 

Man boobs can have a detrimental effect not only physically in regards to body composition, but also mentally with it being visible through clothing and thus capable of stripping a man of his confidence. 

Some of the best ways to overcome man boobs is to perform weight training, performing chest exercises, such as: bench press, flys, push ups and dips. This can prevent sagging due to increased muscle mass in this region, whilst also burning fat. 

However, supplements can enhance results, when effective ingredients are combined with regular, intense workouts. 

But, Does Gynectrol Work?

The most important question of all — let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients. 

Firstly, any man should be skeptical when buying from companies that hide their ingredients/dosages in proprietary blends. When they do this, there is no way for a user to know if they are being short handed by tiny ineffective doses in the formula. 

The good news with Crazy Bulk and gynectrol is — they are fully transparent with what’s in their products. 

Gynectrol Ingredients 

Chromax (Chromium Picolinate) – 240mg

Gugulipid – 100mg

Evodiamine – 50mg

Green tea extract – 200mg 

Potassium – 33mg

Chromax (Chromium) 

Chromium is a mineral found naturally in many foods, including vegetables, wholegrains, fruits and beef. Research also shows that chromium has a positive effect on blood sugar levels, thus aiding fat loss and reducing cravings (indirectly causing men to eat in a calorie deficit). 

The bad news is: chromium has a low absorption rate, with less than 2.5% being actively used by the body. 

However, chromium picolinate has a significantly higher absorption rate, thus when ingesting this in supplement form, with a much higher dosage than feasible with your diet — fat loss effects can follow, as well as it improving your health. Crazy Bulk wisely opts for the picolinate form. 


Guggul is extracted from plants in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan regions. It has been used in ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years, treating obesity and inflammatory disorders. 

Thus, guggul is an effective fat burning agent, due to its thyroid boosting properties (specifically t3), which occurs due to an increase in iodine uptake (source). 

Research has been promising regarding guggul, with users in one study losing 5lbs after 30 days (source). 

There is also evidence to suggest that guggul has appetite suppressive traits, with it influencing ghrelin and leptin (at least in rat studies). 


Evodiamine is extracted from the evodia fruit, and its main role in gynectrol’s formula is to stimulate thermogenesis. 

Evodiamine is a vanilloid receptor agonist, thus it can elevate a person’s metabolism by increasing heat production. As a person’s body temperature increases, the body will work harder to cool itself back down to normal; and thus increasing calorie expenditure. 

Although this doesn’t burn fat directly, its indirect effects are potent with users more likely to eat in a calorie deficit. 

Green Tea Extract 

Green tea extract will enhance the metabolism an extra notch, due to its caffeine content.

Green tea’s rich antioxidant profile means it’s a healthier source of caffeine, providing a cleaner increase in energy; instead of an initial buzz that results in a crash. Green tea extract will also protect users from blood pressure increases that are associated with the addition of pure caffeine in certain supplements. 


Men with a potassium deficiency can experience a slow metabolism, making it increasingly easy to overeat and gain fat. By supplementing with potassium, users will also boost iron levels, which may contribute to higher energy levels and increased calorie expenditure — aiding fat loss. 

Ingredient Summary 

The main cause of man boobs is fat storage, thus gynectrol is essentially a combination of fat burning ingredients that will reduce chest fat. It would have been good to see some anti estrogen ingredients in this mix, however their effect would be marginal; with excess estrogen levels seldom being the culprit for man boobs (albeit affecting some men). 

Gynectrol Results: Before and After 

Screen Shot 2021 04 29 at 11.25.35 AM

Gynectrol’s ingredients are backed by science, but what results can you expect in real-life settings? Michael (above) took gynectrol in combination with D-Bal and Winsol; and experienced a noticeable decrease in body fat, particularly in the chest region — eliminating his man boobs. 

The addition of D-Bal helped him to build muscle, creating more firmness; whilst gynectrol and winsol helped to simultaneously strip fat, due to their fat burning effects. 

This is evidence that gynectrol can work for users willing to put the effort in, in and out of the gym. However, results may vary depending on the genetic response of the individual to supplementation.

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Will Gynectrol Fix Gynecomastia?

It’s important to correctly define the term gynecomastia. Gynecomastia or ‘gyno’ essentially is the development of breast tissue, caused by excessive estrogen levels. 

Most of the time when people refer to ‘man boobs’, this is not medically diagnosed gynecomastia; but instead fat deposits around the chest region. Gynectrol can certainly help to reduce this appearance via the reduction of subcutaneous fat. However, gynectrol will not be effective in treating estrogen-induced gynecomastia, due to it having little effect from a hormonal perspective. 

Where to Buy Gynectrol?

Only purchase gynectrol from the official Crazy Bulk website, ensuring a safe transaction and a money back guarantee on your purchase. Other sellers may not be trustworthy, even if selling on credible platforms. 

How to Take Gynectrol?

There are 60 pills in each bottle, which will last users 1 month. 2 pills are to be taken approximately 20 minutes before breakfast with water (on an empty stomach). 

For best results, gynectrol can be stacked with other compounds. We recommend combining it with other fat burning products, such as: clenbutrol (clenbuterol), winsol (winstrol) or/and anvarol (anavar). This will enhance lipolysis (fat loss), producing faster results. 

As a bonus, if users can afford to add D-Bal to this stack, it will help increase anabolism (muscle-building) and thus provide additional muscularity in the chest; giving a lift to any sagging. 

Gynectrol Pros and Cons 


  • Research backed ingredients
  • Proven company
  • Positive testimonials 
  • Inexpensive, compared to surgery 


  • Unlikely to affect estrogen levels 

Official website: www.crazybulk.com 


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