In recent years with podcasting on the up and up, many beg the question of, “Can I actually build a career and make money out of creating a podcast?” While just three years ago Podcast Insights reported just over 500 000 active podcasts, now in 2021 the industry has grown exponentially to a staggering number of over 2 million active podcasts following up with more than 48 million podcast episodes. These numbers certainly declare a matching rise in podcast listening, though for many that’s not enough to cultivate an entire financially based career. However, Advertise Cast has reported that the average 30-second CPM (cost per 1K listeners) rates are $18, while 60-second CPMs are $25. These differing statistics then further begs the question of how can one fundamentally build a brand that can achieve such monetary results?

Look no further than Guestio. The marketplace was launched mid-pandemic with a primary focus of connecting businesses and show hosts in such a way where show hosts can book top level talent they couldn’t otherwise connect with. Guestio utilizes the structural strategy of networking to monetize podcasting by also building a paywall for show hosts to rake in revenue for the audiences they build. By having sponsored guests on their show, they are able to actually start achieving financial success through the networking Guestio provides.

Guestio’s creator, entrepreneur Travis Chappell, is the tried and true proof of the app’s successful results in action. Chappell’s passion for building community can first of all be accredited to his own personal experiences. Growing up in a self-described, “cult-like environment,” Chappell surely found the value in what a tight knit community offers. By branching out however, Chappell then spent 6 years of doing door-to-door sales – an opportunity that likely provided grounding for him to learn and cultivate how to build an immediate relational feel with a potential client. This backing for Chappell would set him up on a platform to further utilize these advantages as he took charge elsewhere and later launched his podcast. Aptly titled, Build Your Network, Chappell uses his show to put focus on pursuing community, offering insight on valuable personal growth tactics, as well as engaging in authentic relational conversations with guests on subjects of various topical interests. This allows his audience to grow with the podcast through the moves and grooves of life, successfully wielding current events in balance with productive conversation as opposed to other shows that tend to incite chaos with a lack of control or well-versed opinions. With Chappell’s stamina and own due diligence, he has managed to garner a whopping 2 million downloads as well as an impressive 46.5K following on Instagram, cementing a large platform for his community. His guest list ranges in impressive talent from the likes of Shaq, Rob Dyrdek, Matt Barnes, Tomi Lahren, and hundreds of others, all lending powerful insight to a slew of important conversations.

Chappell expresses that “I’m passionate about relationships and people. Everything I take on serves that purpose in some way.” If not just emblematic of how he launched his own brand, it’s easy to tell this is the case for how he launched Guestio. The software’s purpose is to branch out communities and allow business owners and show hosts the opportunity to put emphasis on the quality of their networking. Utilizing relationships to not only build, but connect further paves the way for success in every possible facet – bleeding from enriched conversations for one’s show to organic outreach to build a larger following to maintaining a quality, consistent show that is reliable as well as fresh. These integral parts to successfully culminating and building a larger brand offers a platform to then make a basis for financial income. Chappell affirms that, “What makes us different is that we are the only solution on the market that pays show hosts the money they deserve to be paid for the audiences they built.”

For those either looking to start out or simply take their business to the next level, Guestio is the perfect way to do so. By examining Chappell’s highly successful credentials through Build Your Network and his consistently authentic drive in all aspects of his social media, branding, and everything in between, one can come to the conclusion that Guestio is the solution for monetizing your podcast that the world has been waiting for all these years as the industry has blown up, and surely will continue to.

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