Reverend Dan

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This Is Rock & Roll Radio!

Los Angeles produces world-class radio — and great radio people. This week we launch an occasional series by and about the L.A. radio people we love — from indie kids broadcasting on the Internet to oldsters keepin’ it real on the AM. Reverend Dan, representing for L.A.’s eternally scrappy college......
Photos by Wild Don Lewis

Aliens Don't Die (They Just Disappear)

Zolar X, with the Raw Power Rangers January 18 at Club Screwball (El Cid) Zolar X, Hollywood’s original space-alien rockers, have returned to performing after a 25-year hiatus! With eyebrows akimbo, looking much like the Vulcan offspring of Brian Jones, guitarist Ygarr Ygarrist and bassist Jett Starr hovered through a......
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5 Blogs for Musical Archaeologists

I really love to hear an amazing record that I’ve never, ever heard before. But where the hell is a shy guy like me going to find cool but rarely heard music? At the record shop? It’s not easy for me. I’m not the kind of guy to ask a......