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Credit: Photo: Emma Courtland

Which Old-School L.A. Diner Makes the Greatest Milkshake?

Equal parts drink and dessert, there’s one summertime treat that seems to perfectly mesh childhood nostalgia and adulthood indulgence: a milkshake. Creamy, sweet and cold, one sip — or spoonful, for those who like theirs extra thick — and you’ll be transported back to the days when your feet barely touched......
'Merica Burger at Ox  Credit: Anne Fishbein

10 Best Happy Hours on the Westside

The West Side can be a goofy place these days: There's the tech scene in Silicon Beach, the tourist trap that is Venice Beach, and the surfers, hipsters and corporate culture everywhere in between, from Westwood to Santa Monica. But if there's one thing that can unite everyone for a drink,......
Artwork makes a statement at Otium.; Credit: Photo by Anne Fishbein

At L.A.'s Museum Restaurants, Chefs Find Inspiration in Fine Art

For many chefs, food is more than sustenance — it’s art. Inspiration often strikes in the form of seasonal ingredients and cultural traditions. And there’s perhaps no more exciting space to cook than in the shadow of a museum. Thanks in part to the burgeoning L.A. art scene, museum restaurants......
Credit: Bestia DTLA

5 Grandmother-Approved Handmade Pastas in L.A.

Whether you grew up eating cacio e pepe made right in your kitchen or recently discovered the religious experience that is a well-executed carbonara, there are a few places in L.A. that feel like the food equivalent of a hug from your nonna. Here's where to find made-from-scratch pastas that......
Lavender hot chocolate; Credit: Cafe Demitasse

7 Unusual Hot Chocolates for L.A.'s (Mild) Winter

It might not feel like it yet, but winter is coming. Winter in L.A. might not mean snow, mittens and fireplaces, but we’re starting to feel hints of cool breezes worthy of boots, sweaters and that most decadent of beverages, hot chocolate.  We found some next-level hot chocolate options, whether......
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