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Fred Armisen as Ian Rubbish -- See Friday; Credit: Photo courtesy

These Are the Best Fake Punk Songs

Ian Rubbish is the alter-ego of comedian Fred Armisen, he of Saturday Night Live, Portlandia and, yes, actual punk bands. Armisen, in fact, knows his punk, which is what makes Rubbish so much fun. He got every obsessive detail correct in the SNL skit where he re-enacts the day the......
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New Video: Flying Lotus "Zodiac Shit" (Plus Awesome NSFW Vince Collins Inside)

From Adult Swim: new video by Atlanta's bloody-eyed Lilifuchs for for Flying Lotus' "Zodiac Shit" off Cosmogramma, apparently heavily influenced by screen-melting '70s animator Vince Collins. Adult Swim was an early adopter and supporter of Lotus--you'll remember those beats from the between-show bumpers back in the day--and if you were......
thank you

Thank You, Friends: A Mini-Mix For Thanksgiving

NPR did an insane list of Thanksgiving songs, but they're pretty much all about food--that's fine, but there's apparently something else to the holiday, isn't there? So here's a tiny little set of songs for the rest of the evening that hopefully touch on the actual thankfulness and related emotional......
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New Video: People Under The Stairs "BEER"

Really especially hilarious new video from L.A.'s People Under The Stairs--starting with a Laverne and Shirley homage right down to the glove on the bottle--for "BEER" (all-caps built-in) off Carried Away, which came out last year on OM, but also off a forthcoming 45 b/w-ed with "Down In L.A." due......
Soon to be known as the Satellite

Jennifer Tefft On The Satellite: Same Staff, Same Vibe, I'm Back

August Brown at L.A. Times posts an interview with the Satellite's Jennifer Tefft, the booker who left Spaceland about a year ago but who is back now that the location is transitioning to a new name and new ownership. As rumors about decamped Spaceland's Mitchell Frank's plans for a "dance......
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