GSI Exchange’s senior partner Anthony Allen Anderson on how digital dollars are eliminating privacy

Is a digital dollar a menace? This is a pertinent question that many cannot provide a clear answer to. Anthony Allen Anderson, the senior partner of GSI Exchange, shares, “The world’s demand for cryptocurrency, keeps rising, and as the federal reserve delves on the online-dollar concept, a few concerns should first be addressed.”

According to Anthony, the system available could be potentially compromised. That is why it is crucial to create an airtight solution. Anonymity is one of the benefits that people want to enjoy with digital currency. The policymakers must ensure that digital dollars do not hurt the people they ought to serve.

The digital dollar has proved successful in China; however, the logistics seem to favor the currency over what it is risking, people’s privacy. Without a proper way to address these issues, so many individuals’ privacy could be violated.

Anthony stresses that getting things done right is better than being the first to do it. GSI Exchange believes that while it is a possibility, digital dollars will probably take a while longer as people continue to examine their understanding and what it means for their privacy.

The GSI Exchange model is built around innovation and success. Their focus on limited strike bullion has given the company a competitive advantage. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of precious metals to its customers, including platinum, gold, silver, and even palladium.

Anthony leverages his broad network to help clients gain access and book demo sessions with their team of experts. As per Anthony, there is barely any time to take your focus off the growth with technology and precious metals.

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