Grisly’s Cosmic is Changing The Way Bourbon and Cola Mix, One Can At A Time

Grisly’s Cosmic is a spirits company based out of Los Angeles, California. The company’s funky approach to branding and product development and their raving response from critics have the marketplace excited for what’s to come.

Their first ready-to-drink canned cocktail, Grisly’s Cosmic Black is available both online and in stores. Created from two-year-old high-rye bourbon and premium craft cola with zero added sugar, Grisly’s Cosmic is delivering a whiskey and coke you’ve never tried before.

To learn more about Grisly’s Cosmic, we sat down with the founders to dive deep into their plans for the future.

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What is Grisly’s Cosmic Black?

Screen Shot 2022 09 11 at 2.30.05 PMGrisly’s Cosmic (a brand from Black Yeti Beverages) was founded by Samantha Franklin and Eric Trueheart. Franklin is a former Billboard-charting rock star best known for her work in her band The Holograms, while her partner, Trueheart is a former writer on the cult-classic animated series Invader Zim. The couple’s love of classic rock-n-roll poster art is evident in the colorful package design, featuring the brand’s mascot, Cosmic Eddie, The Space Yeti.

The company is inspired to create much-needed joy for consumers across the world who are looking to enjoy a flavorful, unique adult beverage, and bring new life to the timeless whiskey and coke.

What makes the canned cocktail so irresistible? With high-end cola and agedbourbon, the flavor palette evokes cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, nutmeg, and rich and flavorful aromas with a hint of heat.

This seriously pleasurable pop-and-pour cocktail has already won accolades: Gold Medal Awards in Wine Country Network’s Canned Challenge in both the taste and packaging and design categories.

Each can comes with a unique design filled with abstract art creating eye-popping imagery for all drinkers.

The Aging Process

With the competitive market of ready-to-drink beverages earning billions of dollars in revenue each year, Franklin and Trueheart knew they needed to carve out a distinct lane for their RTD cocktail. They made it their mission to find only the best craft ingredients to truly elevate their mixed whiskey drink.

One of those key ingredients is their two-year high-rye bourbon, carefully aged to create a spectrum of flavors. The spirit was designed to give whiskey cola connoisseurs a high-grade bourbon with taste in mind, integrating with flavorful premium cola to create a heavenly taste for all.

“We were committed to making something both unique and enjoyable, and we didn’t compromise in terms of quality. Grisly’s Cosmic Black is not like any bourbon and cola you’ve ever had, either in a can or from your neighborhood dive bar… Everyone seems to love it!”

Grisly’s Cosmic Black’s Health-First Priority

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Grisly’s Cosmic Black is seriously pleasurable but doesn’t hike up the calories. Each 12oz can sits at 6% ABV, 120 calories, and 1g of carbs for a zero-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb treat.

Each can of Cosmic Black comes with only 120 calories. In today’s marketplace with hard seltzers growing in popularity, Grisly’s Cosmic’s taste gives bourbon fans a way to indulge but also prioritize their health. In the words of the Grisly’s Cosmic team, “No one should waste their workout on a beverage, that is what the pie is for.”

“We see this as more than just a cocktail. Many of our consumers drink it as a substitute for beer. Foodies love it because of its flavor profile. Health-conscious folks love it because there’s no added sugar and all of our craft ingredients are carefully selected for their taste and quality.”

Grisly’s Cosmic Black offers same-day delivery in select zip codes in Los Angeles, and fast shipping throughout California (buy online here). It’s also available in select Total Wine locations in Southern California, and many independent liquor stores (search stores here).

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