Comments from on Christine Pelisek’s story “Grim Sleeper” [Aug. 29–Sept. 4]:


The silence of the city toward the black and poor communities never ceases to amaze me. This is a serial killer actively operating; THAT alone should have everyone, no matter what race, class or neighborhood, let alone city office, up in arms. It does make this Angeleno wonder what would happen if the killings were occurring on the Westside or in hipster Silver Lake.

Posted by Terri Lloyd, Aug. 29


I am a black, 38-year-old South L.A. resident. I remember the “Hillside Strangler” and even the “Wilshire Strangler.” People dying in South L.A. has always taken a backseat to what happens on the Westside. Hundreds had died before gang violence was even considered an issue. We blame others, but our own politicians (whom we repeatedly, blindly re-elect) don’t fight for us on issues that don’t bring them some type of political exposure.

Posted by Charles Mincy, Aug. 31


What a shame that Pelisek had to turn this into an anti-Westside, “silverware bandit” screed, conjuring up bogus bogeymen of race and discrimination/favoritism once again. The fact that well over a dozen old ladies on the Westside and Santa Monica were assaulted in their homes at gunpoint, usually in the middle of the night as they slept (though a few during the day), by someone who threatened to kill them if they didn’t turn over their valuables is in no way responsible for what’s going on in South L.A. This killer has apparently just resurfaced after many years, and your article blaming the Westside for Bratton’s alleged lack of concern … is just plain harmful to all sides.

Posted by Suhina from Santa Monica, Sept. 1


Mixed reactions to Jonathan Gold’s article on a new cafe [“Tierra Mia Explores Coffee for the Latino Palate,” Aug. 29–Sept. 4]:


Tierra Mia has great coffee; I am a coffee freak and it has the best brews I have ever tasted. Its original creations — the horchata blend and the beans-and-rice blend — are worth taking a road trip for.

Posted by George from Bell, Aug. 23


Just another coffee clone. … Some different flavors like horchata and other Hispanic tastes, but it feels like this establishment is trying to tap into the pockets of Latino people.

Posted by Lee from the O.C., Aug. 24



An article by Max Taves, “UCLA Profs and Scientists Sued Animal-Rights Radicals” [Aug. 29-Sept. 4], incorrectly said that currently provides personal information on UCLA researchers. In fact, under court order earlier this year, the Web site operator, Jean Barnes, removed the personal information.

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