GreenCoin AI (GRC) to Debut Eco-Friendly, Community-Powered Ecosystem in Early 2022

While cryptocurrency has become near-ubiquitous throughout the world’s population, decentralized currency’s lack of regulation has caused the globe’s 300-million-plus user base to feel inherently separated from one another. Now, the burgeoning platform, GreenCoin.AI (GRC), has major plans to dismantle this division by launching its environmentally friendly and community-driven cryptocurrency ecosystem in the first quarter of 2022.

Originally conceptualized in 2019, GreenCoin.AI (GRC) was meticulously developed over the past several years with the mission of launching “an economy and a community where all members can gain Health, Wealth and Happiness.” As the very first company to utilize the powers of artificial intelligence and blockchain into a unique fitness experience, GreenCoin.AI (GRC) has created an in-house ecosystem where members can earn crypto and other rewards by simply getting up and moving while using the platform’s AI-powered devices and equipment. With every calorie burned, contributing directly to the balance of each person’s GWallet, GreenCoin.AI (GRC) users can later shop with earned solar-powered GRC coins or later exchange the green crypto for other cryptocurrencies and Fiat.

While the members are an integral part of GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s infrastructure, the ecosystem is similarly reliant on three other important categories: merchants, trainers, and fitness data buyers. There are a variety of rewards available for members to purchase with their GRC coins such as Alternate and Virtual Reality experiences, games, fitness classes and merchandise. Merchants who offer their products on the green platform directly benefit from GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s built-in economy and can earn their own pool of GRC coins. Fitness coaches and trainers benefit from this structure, too. As GreenCoin.AI (GRC) members subscribe to fitness and training sessions, coaches begin earning GRC coins in tandem with individuals exercising and taking their classes.On the other end of the spectrum, behind-the-scenes players like fitness data buyers can capitalize on a wealth of anonymous user information collected by GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s proprietary AI technology. But, unlike some companies that insidiously sell their users’ data without compensating the users, GreenCoin.AI (GRC) takes all data purchases from fitness data buyers in GRC coin and subsequently shares the revenues with its members. This allows everyone operating within the ecosystem to financially benefit from the data’s sale.

Rewriting the rules of the cryptocurrency industry, GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s interactive platform is expecting to make a major splash among consumers upon its 2022 launch. As potential members wait in earnest to take part in GreenCoin.AI (GRC)’s burn-to-earn methodology, the one-of-a-kind community filled with healthy, wealthy and happy crypto holders is right around the corner.

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