Green Unicorn Farms review

The first time I tried CBD flower it blew me away and I couldn’t stop talking about it for days, maybe even weeks.

It was, quite simply, love at first puff, and it was all thanks to Green Unicorn Farms.

Over the years I’ve been keeping an eye on this boutique flower vendor and am lucky enough to get to try most of their new strains before they’re released on the market.

They’ve made it to my best CBD flower list three years running now, but they’ve also introduced other CBD products over the years, including tinctures and gummies. I decided it was time to finally write a full Green Unicorn Farms review to share what I think (good and bad) about some of the products that made the biggest impression on me.

Green Unicorn Farms review summary

Don’t have time to read the full review? No worries! Here are the key takeaways, but don’t forget to use our exclusive Green Unicorn Farms discount code “CBD-VIP-CLUB” for 30% off :


  • All their flower is specially selected from several small, expert hemp farms
  • Product pages identify exactly where each strain was grown
  • All their hemp is organic and grown in the USA
  • Fantastic quality and effects
  • Pungent terpene profiles
  • Always releasing new and exciting strains
  • Highly effective sleep drops formula
  • Potent tinctures offered at affordable prices
  • Heavily discounted product bundles (including a build-your-own-bundle)
  • Third party tested for potency and terpenes
  • Cured to perfection every time
  • Responsive customer service team
  • Speedy shipping
  • Use discount code CBD-VIP-CLUB for 30% off


  • Have to spend $49 to quality for free shipping
  • No THCa flower available
  • No purity testing

Green Unicorn Farms: The products

As mentioned above, Green Unicorn Farms has been on my radar for a while now and I appreciate the fact that they’ve expanded their product line slowly and thoughtfully, in response to their customer’s needs.

Since their inception they’ve grown from selling classic and exotic flower strains, exclusively, to now also offering CBD gummies and tinctures, as well as an excellent line of sleep-aid products. Keep reading to find out more about each product.

CBD flower review

It’s no secret that the team at Green Unicorn Farms have always been picky when it comes to the CBD flower they sell, hunting down the most cannabinoid and terpene-rich harvests that they can find.

Back when they established themselves in the market, there were really only a handful of CBD flower strains available but, even then, GUF were able to find something unique and exotic to add to their menu, ensuring that they offered something a little different and special from everyone else.

Nowadays, new and exciting strains are popping up all the time, but you can count on Green Unicorn Farms for having some of the best smelling and tasting exotic strains around, as well as access to some of most successful harvests of classic strains, such as Bubba Kush and White CBG.

The only criticism I would make about their flower is that, in the past, sometimes the trim has been a bit loose, but in this latest batch every single strain was perfect with a much tighter trim.

My personal favorites in this latest delivery include their Raspberry Creeme (indoor) and Half Baked (Indoor) strains.

Raspberry Creeme (Indoor)

Raspberry Creeme is straight up one of the dankest hemp flower strains I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. It’s trying to climb out the bag as soon as you break the seal and my husband and I literally took it in turns to sniff deep in the bag over and over again. It really is that good.

It looks beautiful too, with its medium-sized, grass green sticky buds with flecks of yellow that are just dripping in frosty trichomes. AND this strain tastes as good as it looks and smells with flavors of pine and gas and hints of berries.

Bubba Kush always used to be my go-to nighttime strain, but this may have finally taken the crown away from Bubba as one of my favorite strains for sleep. After smoking a small joint of this strain, I can feel all the tensions, aches, and strains in my body melt away. I’m ready to sink into my couch or bed and enjoy the all-over body calming sensation as I relax with a movie or book.

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Half Baked (Indoor)

Half Baked is another head-turner. A loud skunky strain that readily jumps up into your nostrils as soon as you open the bag, but the aroma and flavors in this strain are a little more complex and unique than Raspberry Creeme. Even the pickiest of hemp flower connoisseurs would be intrigued and delighted by this strain, as it reeks of diesel and an earthy lemon-ey citrus.

The nugs are chunky, dense, and shiney, thanks to the bright, sparkly trichomes that are littered across the surface of them, and the flavor is strong of pine and citrus. I want to say it tastes almost like minty lemons or mangoes. The flavor is something else for sure.

Half Baked is another indica-dominant hybrid and the effects are equally pleasant. If I had to pick a song that best suits this strain it would be Easy (Like Sunday Morning) by Lionel Richie. After smoking this strain I definitely feel nice and floaty, super relaxed, and smiley.

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Cali Purp (Indoor)

Cali Purp is another exquisite indoor strain that will have your friends scratching their heads at how it could possibly be a hemp strain. It has the old school kush aroma with loud gassy diesel notes that I absolutely love.

The effects are chilled-out and perfect for smoking before hitting the pillow.

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Wedding Cake

When I first saw Wedding Cake on Green Unicorn’s menu I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is actually a CBD version of the original Wedding Cake strain that has been bred down to have federally legal levels of THC!

The flavors are big and bold with kushy and sweet notes. I can literally smoke this strain at any time during the day and just feel my mind getting relaxed and my thoughts slow down.

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I am a big fan of bringing pre-rolls with me when I am on-the-go. Green Unicorn Farms offers a few great strains in practical 7-packs with perfectly rolled, half gram joints. Half a gram may sound like a small pre-roll but I find that it’s the perfect size for getting me in the right state of mind without completely knocking me out.

Try their Royal OG pre-rolls. You won’t regret it!

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CBD gummies

Green Unicorn Farms’ CBD gummies feature a variety of tasty flavors and the texture of them is great. I find that some gummies, especially vegan-friendly ones like these, often have a too-soft gummy texture, but these are dense and firm, offering a much more satisfying chew.

At 25 mg of CBD in each gummy, they’re stronger than many other gummies on the market, but this dose is perfect for me as I usually take between 25 and 35 mg per day and then around 50 mg at night before I go to bed.

Green Unicorn Farms’ CBD gummies are fantastic for relieving mild anxiety and boosting my mood in the daytime. I also used to use them to help me sleep, before they released their sleep formula gummies and drops early last year.

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CBD tinctures

Green Unicorn is one of very few brands that offers a single source, strain specific CBD tincture. When you consume their tinctures, you know that you are getting Vermont grown hemp from the Lifter strain with a full terpene and CBD profile.

Their unflavored tinctures are hempy to say the least. The flavor is a little harsh but at the same time you can almost taste the quality. They also have a citrus flavored tincture with a whopping 6000 mg CBD at a great price.

They also have CBD + Melatonin Sleep Drops which appear in my best full spectrum CBD tinctures list of 2023.

Since I was sent these Sleep Drops from Green Unicorn Farms, my sleep has improved dramatically, which has had lasting knock-on effects on my day’s productivity, anxiety, and mood. So much so, that I don’t even need to take CBD every single day anymore.

Each bottle contains 1,200 mg of CBD and 90 mg of melatonin, meaning each 1ml dropper delivers around 40 mg of CBD and 3 mg of melatonin. I usually take just over one dropper-full, which helps me transition into nighttime mode, preparing me for sleep.

I don’t really have much trouble getting to sleep anyway, so the biggest change that these sleep drops make to my night is that they help me stay asleep for much longer than usual. Without them I wake often, tossing and turning at night, almost waiting for sun to come up or my alarm to sound. When I take the drops, I only wake once or twice and feel much more rested and energetic the next day.

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Green Unicorn Farms reviews from real-life customers

By now it’s probably obvious that I’m a big fan of the stuff that Green Unicorn Farms has been putting out. But it’s not just me who loves them, they have thousands of five-star reviews from customers too. Here are a select few from Jan 2023:

J.F. wrote the following about their Cali-Purp indoor strain…

So far out of all of the ounces that I have bought, which has been a lot lol to me, this has been the best tasting and smelling and it gives you a really nice body high but what you smell is what you taste and it’s amazing 💯% this Company is on top of their game right now and the quality of the products are top notch I have sleep apnea so I think the next thing I’m going to try is their sleep products because I’ve had sleep apnea for over 15 years so hopefully that product works great as well thank you green 🦄farms For the great products and the great customer service and if you’re looking to buy any CBD products online, this is the place to go

Alexis, speaking of their Royal OG strain, said:

A wonderful way to wind down the evening. Royal OG took away my anxiety enough to help me genuinely relax and later helped me drift to a restful sleep. Definitely can’t wait to buy more, highly recommend this one.

Joe F. sampled the Cookie Dough Indoor strain and said:

Love Green Unicorn – Always good quality from GUF!!

And it’s not just their flower that customers comment on, as…

Gale comments on their tincture and sleep gummies, saying:

I have 4 autoimmune diseases and have lots of muscle pain and because of the pain trouble sleeping. I had never tried this brand before, but I think it is special. The Full Spectrum 3000mg CBD has worked giving me the breaks I have needed from pain! I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I take 2 droppers full now and I think I can cut down on the dose now that I have a sense of how it works. It doesn’t make me high at all, just after a while I realize I am more calm and pain is greatly reduced. Enough that I can get work done and at night get to sleep easily.

I also tried the 750mg sleep gummies and to be honest with you, they are a bit on the too sweet side for my tastes, but they do work. I take 2 before bedtime.

Thank you, Green Unicorn Farms!! I think I love you!

Howard J.O, after buying some mixed buds, also compliments Green Unicorn Farms on their customer service and speedy shipping, saying:

Great follow-up after placing the order, quick shipping, and I have decarboxylated a bud and made an oil with it. Definitely recommend the company.

Green Unicorn is more than a vendor

Unlike most vendors, Green Unicorn Farms is active in the growing community. In 2023 they are setting up various indoor grows and are working closely with nutrient brand Organitek to elevate the quality of hemp flower with bigger bolder flavors and more trichome production.

Tanya Funk, Co-founder of Organitek says the following regarding the partnership with Green Unicorn Farms:

Organitek has partnered with Green Unicorn Farms to fine tune the inputs, recipes and methods specific to hemp cultivars. Unlocking the full potential of hemp; we push the terpenes and refine the cannabinoid profiles to optimize strains.

Green Unicorn Farms promo codes

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Review summary

Green Unicorn Farms is definitely a brand worthy of your attention and money. In particular, I’m a big fan of their high-quality CBD flower and Sleep Drops.

Their smokable hemp flower is always premium quality with a high cannabinoid content, pungent aromas and flavors, and noticeable effects. The rest of their product range is more limited than other brands, but what they are producing is highly effective.

I look forward to the day when they’re able to offer discounts on subscriptions but, in the meantime, you can take 30% off your first order with CBD Incubator’s exclusive discount code CBD-VIP-CLUB. I recommend you make the most out of it and stock up!

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