Grammy winner Juan Negrete (JP) is Redefining Music Entrepreneurship

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Many people know Juan Negrete aka JP for his depth of knowledge and success as a studio engineer, songwriter, producer, and artist developer. Among many other accolades, he’s won a Grammy for his collaboration with CeeLo and Melanie Fontana. But what many might not know is how deep JP’s love for the music industry truly runs.

JP has successfully owned and operated 2 successful recording studios over the past seven years in Los Angeles. With the most recent being a massive space in Hollywood Hills, with nearly 3,000 square feet. Melrose Sound Studios boasts 5 unique rooms, ranging from small intimate spaces where hit songs are born out of epiphanies, to A-Rooms where superstars like pop stars produce and record their future singles.

What makes JP’s musical journey unique is his insatiable intention to invest in independent artists. JP finds an up-and-coming artist he believes in, pulls from his deep network of writers and producers and builds sounds that are both nostalgic and fresh. JP said, “When I believe in a project I just dive in. I don’t look at numbers or streams, I look at the heart of the artist, their sound and their ultimate potential. It’s an ineffable communication for me.”

Some examples of the artists JP is currently investing time, energy, and resources into are prolific songwriter Zuriel, a vibe curator named Tru Sounds, and Brazilian artist Cinquenta. These artists are clearly incredibly talented, and with the guidance, mentorship, and cosign from somebody as successful as JP, it’s only a matter of when, not if.

There’s so many stories of record labels and music executives taking advantage of artists, so it is truly refreshing to see a music executive who comes from a production and songwriting background who is making a truly positive impact on everybody who comes across his path.

Check out JP’s most recent studio space here:

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