Goodbye, Clover Finance, Make Room For the Fresh, New CLV!

Change is the only constant in life, and it allows us to move forward and experience new and exciting things. In some cases, change can also create room for more opportunities encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones, as is the case for CLV- a one-stop infrastructure platform for cross-chain and decentralized applications.

As they prepare for the release of the new wallet and chain products, Clover Finance has rebranded to CLV, which has brought them a step closer to the Web3 future. According to the CEO, the fresh and new CLV will assist them in developing a more straightforward approach in the crypto space. This will then allow CLV to build a wider audience group making their platform more inclusive and open to Web3 applications.

The CLV token is one of the most liquid Polkadot parachain tokens in the market, which has seen it attract massive attention in the last months. Through their rebrand, CLV wants to build a more foundational-based system that serves decentralized applications to people through its multi-layer of products. The team is developing new ways to enrich their ecosystem, leveraging technology to bring in more opportunities as CLV evolves from finance to Web3.

Their new brand name is a reflection of what they want to achieve in the Web3 space, building a more inclusive platform. CLV, which stands for connectivity, legible and versatile, aims to offer excellent connectivity within the ever-growing crypto space, making it easy for anyone to navigate the industry.

The crypto and NFT marketplaces are quite complex, making it difficult for newcomers to find their way. As it is a relatively new field, there have also been several issues of scamming/hacking which is scaring away potential investors. The team at CLV explained that the rebrand is meant to help them reach a wider group by building a more accessible platform for everyone in the industry while assisting the users to overcome some of the challenges.

One of the main challenges with decentralized applications is usability making it almost impossible for different users to understand the various platforms explain the team of experts behind CLV. This is partly because the current technical fundamentals make it hard to build on par experiences for the mainstream, something CLV aims to break. As stated by their team, their goal is to provide easy-to-use Web3 products that are versatile and legible.

To fulfill its mission, CLV has made its program more versatile to accommodate a wide range of user needs as it moves further into the Web3 future. CLV is working on releasing their new versions of wallet chains and products, the CLV chain and the CLV wallet, which are more inclusive and flexible.

The CLV wallet is a non-custodial, multi-chain wallet that supports Substrate-based chains on Polkadot and Kusama, EVM chains, and Solana, just to name a few. CLV wallet is also available on all platforms on mobile extensive, and web.

As we say goodbye to Clover Finance and hello to the fresh new CLV, no doubt, the rebrand is the right step for both its users and the crypto space. CLV’s dream of building a much more inclusive platform has also become a reality expanding from finance into the Web3.

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