Goldco Review – Can GoldCo Precious Metals Protect Your Wealth?

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In the precious metals investing space, Goldco’s name is synonymous with success and integrity. But for many of us, it may not be enough of an incentive to get us to start investing in a gold IRA with their business. You might prefer to look at a wide range of other companies within the industry before settling on this trustworthy gold IRA specialist. In this Goldco review, we will examine the biggest benefits and possible negatives of potentially opening a precious metals IRA with them.

Overview of Goldco

The company was originally founded in 2006 by a man named Trevor Gerstz. He opened the online precious metals retailer out of his company headquarters that were originally located in Woodland Hills, CA. In fact, the founder and CEO is also the president of the National Gold Group’s IRA department.

The firm has grown over the years and their main focus is 401(k) rollovers into precious metals IRAs. Their main precious metal of choice is gold, but they sell a plethora of IRA approved products including those made of platinum and silver as well.

This company is also known for receiving a wide array of awards for their excellent service. In fact, the LA Business Journal gave Goldco the prestigious award of being the Los Angeles Top Gold IRA Firm. Plus, the financial backing of Goldco is $12 billion due to their connections with Equity Institutional and Horizon Bank.

What Goldco Can Do for You

Their main focus is self-directed precious metal IRA accounts that allow customers to purchase gold and silver and platinum for their retirement. They’ve completely streamlined the buying process, and their customer service representatives provide excellent information, answer all of their customer questions, and are always ready to assist with anything. Normally, customers can purchase gold and other precious metals over the Internet or by calling them on the phone. The company is even willing to make this process even more streamlined by handling paperwork for their customers.

A big benefit of a precious metals IRA is gaining access to IRS approved storage. This is a great way to make sure all of your valuable assets remain protected. Plus, the IRS requires that the silver and gold and platinum gets deposited into an approved depository.

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Ratings & Reviews for Goldco

  •   On the Better Business Bureau website, they have three reviews and a perfect A+ rating.
  •   On the Business Consumer Alliance website, they have one review and a perfect AAA rating.
  •   On the Trustlink website, they have 4.8 stars out of 5 stars rating based on 238 reviews.
  •   On the TrustPilot website, they have 4.7 stars out of 5 stars rating based on 666 reviews.

The Benefits of Doing Business with Goldco


Besides being accredited by the Better Business Bureau and receiving a perfect rating there and a perfect rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, we’ve also noticed that very few people have complained about this company.

This is a good thing because it proves that Goldco has a stellar reputation in the industry. And since their complaints are few and far between, you can feel confident when doing business with this excellent organization.

Options for Self-Directed IRAs

Goldco is relatively unique because they provide their customers with access to depositary storage for their self-directed IRA accounts. The self-directed part is what many people find attractive, because it allows individuals to control their retirement investments without having to rely on somebody that they don’t know or trust. This is a great option to have when dealing with a company that sells precious metals for IRAs.

Informative and Valuable Website

Many precious metal websites like to have you over the head with one advertisement after another without providing any valuable information. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Goldco’s website. Their site is different because it has a minimalist design, very few pop-up ads, and their main focus is teaching their customers about the value of precious metals for their retirement.

True-To-Reality Marketing

Most companies in the space truly exaggerate within their advertisements. The advertisements from Goldco seem true to life and quite realistic. This company isn’t afraid to show their prices, even when the price of gold is trending downward.

Final Thoughts

In the precious metals IRA space, Goldco is one of the best companies with a stellar reputation. Between all of the online review sites like TrustPilot, Trustlink, BCA, and BBB, they have nearly 1000 reviews and the wide majority of them are positive.

This company is second to none in the industry. They make it easy for customers to research the market and they are upfront and honest about their pricing. They help their customers find a high-quality custodian and they’ll even connect you to an IRS approved storage facility based on their best recommendations. This is definitely a good company to do business with now or in the future.

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