This week, L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle sits down with Lauren Braun Diamont, the Vice President of Content and Strategy for Triller to discuss what it takes to create a successful app and go viral in today’s entertainment culture.

Touted as the “MTV of this generation,” Triller is an entertainment platform and social video community that has quickly become a favorite of celebrities and fans alike. Its innovative tools for content creation and licensing are making waves in not only the app and music industry, but throughout social media as well. 

Listen in as Brian and Lauren examine how removing worries about copyright infringement and editing allows users of the app to create like they’ve never been able to before. This unique social environment has proved that music is a binding force, bringing out the best in people. 

How does one create a successful app? How does Lauren convince not only regular people, but wildly popular celebrities to invite others into their private lives and homes? Brian pries some secrets and tips from our guest. 

From Cardi B to Billy Ray Cyrus, celeb appearances on Triller have increased as its popularity skyrockets. Who will we see next? Join our hosts as they announce some big names and goals. 

Best of all, Lauren offers listeners some foolproof advice for success in today’s saturated, cutthroat industry. Tune in to this week’s episode and become Triller’s next viral sensation. 

Listen to the podcast here or find it on iTunes here.

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