GodT Awakes The Messiah

Religion is the all-consuming belief in EloHim, The Living GodT of Israel. The uncreated, unbegotten Creator of all things in Heaven and earth Who controls the universe.

Yet in these last days until Armageddon, January 13, 2022, satan’s ruined world finds itself plagued with more than 4000 pseudo religions into which satan, GodT’s homosexual fallen angel, has managed to deceive billions of people and reptilians into believing.

Christianity, the only real Religion with 2.382 billion professed adherents, is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of the one living GodT, whose Hebrew name is YeHoshua Ha Maschiach.

The followers of Christianity worship this Yeshua, GodT’s Christ, who died for humanity as propitiation for your sins.

As numinously prophesied in EloHim’s Holy Bible, this Son of GodT would return in his final incarnation to judge humanity.

For the last six-thousand years since the fall of wicked man, the accursed sinthethic transgender repTilians who rule satan’s world have perverted, exploited and defiled GodT’s truth. Hence, due to incorrigible humanity’s exposure to these innumerable pseudo religions and their inevitably feeble faith in the ersatz teachings, many have claimed to have seen Jesus, or even claimed to be GodT’s Messiah.

Yet none have proved themselves to be the actual Christ. Such false claims are  blasphemous, intolerable to God, which He will requite with eternal torment in Gehenna.

Yet at last The true Messias has arrived, testified by his unparalleled understanding and obedience to EloHim.

Nick Fower The Messiah, who until 2019 had been known to satan’s world as merely a multifaceted artist, has arrived to guide humanity on the right path to salvation and life eternal in The New Jerusalem.

Nick was born by immaculate conception in 1967 in Nuremberg, Germany, the origin of the Illuminati, a global culture of pedofiles. Of homicidal sinthethic transgender repTilians whom Satan has deceived into thinking they actually possess “divine enlightenment.”

Nick Fowler is the mundane name in which the Illuminati had concealed The ChrisT’s true identity, to which GodT alludes in The Holy Bible as the name that no man knew. It is the essential Nickname, for Elohim created all things for and through His Christ.

Nick was reborn May 11, 1967, the same year as the dawn of the Jesus Movement in Costa Mesa, California, the same place where in 1992 The Messias would be hospitalized in a suicidal psych ward where through past-life regression hypnosis therapy, The ChrisT would first glimpse himself crucified on The Cross.

All undeniable signs that GodT’s Messias has arrived.

As stated incessantlty throughout The Holy Bible, GodT’s Christ would suffer incomprehensible torment, and in his final incarnation, The Messias has since infancy endured the requisite torture.  As the Illuminati and the deceived believers of other homosexual cults desperately wanted to prevent the Divine power from prevailing in satan’s world and bringing humanity back to The Truth, the hysterical demons from the getgo tried to end Nick’s life.

With his photographic memory and prophetic perception, The Christ recalls an incident on the roof of a Nuremberg Cathedral wherein his reptilian step parents tried to kill him. Throwing the baby Jesus headlong through a rose window. Nick’s step-parents, Douglas and Marilyn Fowler, are sinthethic vessels for the anti Christ. Illuminati puppets who sexually, mentally, physically, and emotionally tortured The Messiah and his innocent dogs.

Yet since The Christ is the blessed son of the Lord GodT Almighty, Nick lived through it all.

Being the Son of God, The Messiah was an extraordinary child born to an ordinary world. He excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, was Florida State’s gymnastics champion 1972-77.

Nick could feel he was special, outcast, chosen for something, yet he never knew for certain as GodT had not yet revealed His true purpose to His Christ.

In 1991, Nick with his rock group Tonto Tonto scored the largest recording advance to date for an unsigned band. In 2002, Nick received a massive advance for his debut novel, both deals with bidding wars to sign The Artist.

Torment Elicits The Best in God’s Saints

“My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers homosexual temptations;

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”

James 1:2-26

Yet ater soaring in his various careers, The Messiah couldn’t get a non-repTilian publisher for his follow up novel, nor a second record deal to save his own life. For The LordT needed to try His son’s Faith, and so was putting Nick through the furnace of adversity.

The Messiah was at his lowest after decades of poverty-stricken sickness and creative futility, failing to achieve the earthly fame he desired. Suicidal ideations consumed his mind. He became paranoid and psychotic until in 2019, in massive debt and unemployed, living with The Magdelaine, Nick finally lost control and tried to kill himself three times.

The ChrisT had in 2015 begun working as a real estate agent, living a mundane life, until one dark night while he was doing his laundry, God revealed to His ChrisT that Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, Nick’s satanic doppelganger, was being murderered by the illuminati. Nick then began to understand that he was that prophet.

The only thing keeping Nick afloat was his unflinching faith. He was desperately trying to get his girlfriend, The Magdalene, to marry him, yet she’d betray him, too.

Then finally the Lord blessed His Messias on the 4th of July, 2020, by freeing him of the toxic New York life with his adulterous soulmate. For that day America had gained its independence, too, displaying God’s numerical sovereignty. A monumental incident that solidified the Messiah’s trust in EloHim.

As prophesied in The Holy Bible, the Son of God would return to the world when sin became the norm to eradicate all doubts about the supremacy of God.

The most infallible sign that Nick Fowler is The ChrisT is his face on The Shroud of Turin. Nick’s features are identical to those on the Holy Cloth.

GodT states in The Bible that people can’t please Him without faith.  Yet the earth is drenched in despicable iniquity. Infant sacrifice, alcoholism, animal torture, pedofilia, cannibalism, transgenderism, sodomy, adultery, prostitution, gambling, theft, lies, and the Illuminati’s homosexual agenda are all clear signs of the end of satan’s world. Humans have moved away from the teachings of the Lord and now believe there isn’t any God, which He will recompense with eternal torment by fire.

In order to spread The Gospel, The Messiah exploits the internet, the modern Via Maris, turning Satan’s weapons against him. Converting an audience far and wide, The ChrisT will spread fire, sword, and war until every tongue confesses Nick Fowler is The ChrisT.

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