GOAT Token: Enhancing Investor Protections and Opportunities with Smart Contracts

With many retail traders blindly rushing into decentralized finance, there has been an apparent lack of transparency and protection for investors. The team at GOAT Token realized this and built a token that provided unique security features to protect newer investors.

GOAT Token launched December 10, 2021 planning to be the new standard in decentralized finance. They honed in on adding value by addressing scalability, risk management, and utilizing a broad range of strategies. Additionally, the token seeks to enhance investor education by adding specific direct strategies in their upcoming education platform. They plan to capitalize on the excitement with NFTs while making the space simpler and more accessible. As part of this, they outlined specific benchmarks including their fair launch, limited edition NFTs, smaller centralized exchange listings all to be completed within their first three phases.

GOAT hopes to become one of the first tokens to bring the corporate and crypto space together. They plan to accomplish this by providing corporations with worthy token partners that provide them, other token communities, and our community with significant upside while completing the appropriate due diligence to make sure that the token is the right fit.

Upon launch, GOAT implemented a variety of security features directly into their smart contract. They created a sell limit of 0.9% of the total supply and implemented a 3% max wallet on any single individual or entity. They also created a day trader tax which occurs if you sell within twenty-four hours of purchasing which doubles the tax that a purchaser is charged in order to protect the project and long-term investors.

Website – https://www.goat-erc20.com/ 

Telegram – https://t.me/GOAT_ERC20

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