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When Gome Gomez joined Grupo Tracsa he brought with him a wealth of practical and applied knowledge: an MBA from Harvard Business School and a stretch in private equity at Bain Capital in Hong Kong and Nexxus Capital in Mexico City. Despite his extensive experience, he quickly determined that in order to enhance Grupo Tracsa’s already proficient enterprise, he needed to understand the business from the ground up.

And, in this case, ground up should be taken quite literally: Gomez began by traveling throughout Mexico to visit Grupo Tracsa’s broad range of clients, from a precious metal mine, where he descended half a mile below the earth’s crust, to agave plantations that appeared to extend for miles. Given the breadth of its services, like the provision of heavy machinery and strategic support for an array of industrial activities, Grupo Tracsa impacted many levels of its clients’ businesses which left Gomez questioning how he might improve the chain—so that both customer and supplier were satisfied.

“I wanted to see our machines in action,” says Gomez of his survey. “A pipeline construction project and a large-scale egg producer ostensibly share little in common, except that they both aim to deliver a valuable good to society, and to do this as cost-effectively as possible. Reliable and efficient equipment, which we provide, plays a key role in their production process. A further iteration is providing smart equipment that seamlessly integrates into their overall operation, which in turn gives a customer visibility of their entire value chain, yielding insights for where improvement efforts should be focused.”

Gomez returned to his day-to-day with a basic concept—that customers should spend less time thinking about their hardware and more time thinking about growth—and functionally applied it to the creation of a new unit within the division he led: the inaugural Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Department, within the Product Support Division. Providing telematic monitoring, process digitization, data analytics, and professional advisory for fleet management, Grupo Tracsa’s new division streamlines its clients procedures and simultaneously improves its own output.

For nearly a half-century, Grupo Tracsa has equipped its customers with a value-add and the IIoT division reflects a natural progression of this mission—and it continues to grow: the Product Support division expanded its customer-facing personnel base by approximately 20% in the past year.

“Our goal is to run our business in a more technified, data-driven way,” says Gomez. “Even though our clients have disparate operations and goals, we hope to create a common platform through the integration of new, industrial-grade software and telematic systems that encourage optimization, no matter the process.”

The obvious solutions shouldn’t be discounted and of that Gomez is certain. As he continues to push for innovation at every granular level of Grupo Tracsa’s business, Gomez often returns to the simple idea that sometimes the answer is right in front of you.


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