Glenn Harrold Demonstrates How Confusion Precedes Enlightenment

 “Enlightenment is always preceded by confusion.”

– Milton Erickson 

It is important to understand that enlightenment of the mind occurs after one untangles confusions arising due to curiosity. Curiosity can be a sign of intelligence. It can also lead us to an enlightened state of mind. International best-selling author and hypnotherapist, Glenn Harrold enables people to achieve such an enlightened state of mind and being.

Despite a difficult start in life, Harrold has been able to pull himself out of hardship. Not only did he experience living in dysfunctional home, but he also spent many nights homeless and sleeping on the streets. Harrold was expelled from the school when he was only fifteen years old. In his later in his life, he indulged in drink and drugs and began socializing with the wrong crowd. He was also on first-name terms with the local magistrate.

However, things changed for Harrold when he took measures to escape from the darkness that had taken over his life. At the young age of just seventeen, he received a warning from a doctor about his alcohol abuse. This marked a turning point, as he began to take his health more seriously.

Harrold has come a long way in his life, demonstrating the confusion precedes enlightenment. All the challenges and difficulties that Harrold has faced in his life reflect confusion.

Harrold is now a vegetarian, non-smoker, an ocassional drinker, and a fitness fan. Furthermore, he swims, does yoga, plays tennis five times each week, and uses mediation and hypnosis to achieve his goals.

Before he became a hypnotherapist, Harrold was a professional musician, recording and  playing the guitar in clubs and bars. In his teenage years, he played bass guitar in a punk rock band called The Vagrants, who later transformed into The Sugar Ray Five.

Harrold’s interest in hypnosis grew after his band worked alongside a stage hypnotist. Inspired by the hypnotist, he advanced his interest by studying with The British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy (now LCCH) for two years. Rather than performing, Harrold wanted to instead learn how to use hypnosis to heal and help people.

In 1997 he started producing hypnosis tapes to support his growing number of clients. His extensive music recording knowledge and passion for hypnotherapy led him to create high-quality and unique hypnosis recordings.

Hypnotherapy is a mind-body intervention. In it, hypnosis is utilized to form a state of increased suggestibility and focused attention, allowing the therapist to treat psychological and other medical disorders. During a hypnotherapy session, the individual is guided into a deeply relaxing trance-like state that enables them to respond readily to suggestions made by the therapist. For this reason, hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool to help people change their behaviors and perceptions very deep level helping them to overcome problems and improve their everyday lives.

Harrold is excited to see how his work in hypnotherapy has made a huge difference to many people’s lives. He says, “I still get a real kick that so many people from all over the world enjoy my recordings and get help from them,” and “I feel I’ve done okay for a kid who was kicked out of school at 15! It just shows the power of a positive frame of mind.”

Harrold had experienced great success with his hypnotherapy recordings. When he released his first tapes in 1997, he did not have any plan other than that of making the most effective tapes possible. To his surprise, “the tapes sold well from the first day, when I sold them to a local chemist store. I literally used to drive round to a number of local stores selling them for a fiver a piece on sale or return!”

Glenn Harrold’s story demonstrates how confusion can lead to enlightenment. There was a time when he was lost and confused. However, as life progressed, Harrold found a way to enlightenment.

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