By Alex Distefano

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This week on West Coast Sound: Danzig-palooza!

In honor of Glenn Danzig's Halloween show at Gibson Amphitheater — in which he will play songs from his entire catalog — we checked in with him to see how his short tour is going so far.

“It was just brutal,” he says of the first date, October 7 in Chicago. “We played for over two hours. The energy was like a bomb exploding.” But he adds that this quick run is the one and only time he's going to be performing solo work along with Misfits and Samhain songs in the same concert. “After these shows there will be no more, so if you miss it, you miss it.”

While we had him on the phone we also talked with him about his amazing art collection. Indeed, his bodyguard Russ MacKay hipped us to the fact that Danzig's massive archive includes hundreds upon hundreds of original paintings, an enormous library of rare vinyl records, and, of course, a room full of Misfits, Samhain and Danzig artifacts.

“Danzig's collection is enormous,” says MacKay. “He's been a true collector and established art dealer for more than 25 years. Some of his artwork is truly one of a kind, and most of it is very dark.”

One of his favorite artists is Simon Bisley, who is from England and known for his comic-book-inspired and multimedia works. “I really love Bisley's style,” Danzig tells us, adding that the pair have known each other for two decades. He owns several of Bisley's original paintings, and Bisley collaborated with him to illustrate the album art work for three of his albums, Thrall: Demonsweatlive, 666: Satan's Child and Lost Tracks of Danzig, which feature colorful, vivid images of mystical demonic creatures and representations of death.

Bisley is also a contributing artist for Danzig's comic book publishing company Verotik and helped illustrate Hidden Lyrics of the Left Hand, a special limited-edition book which features Danzig lyrics.

MacKay adds that his boss's memorabilia collection dwarfs his own, which nonetheless includes some 30,000 metal, punk and rock vinyl records. (He plays only vinyl on his Poor Kids Radio show he co-hosts with his brother Dougie on B-Real's Many were given to him by Danzig, along with an rare array of tour pamphlets, concert agendas, flyers, backstage pass laminates, signed posters and more.

“For all the stuff he has,” MacKay concludes, “the man needs a museum.”

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